Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where's the "Geek Squad" when you need 'em?

(Vintage Wallpaper Crown)

Well?,,,,,,Wouldn't you know. I'm Busier than EVER and trying to make product, fill orders and get ready for upcoming events,,,,,,and my G-Darn Camera and  editing software are STILL not speaking to each other!....

I DID learn, that if I plug my camera in an upload the pics,,,,I can get to them through "recently downloaded." Only? No Editing Cropping at this point. Well at least I have SOME pics ( Although my stuff is pretty much OAK....One of a Kind, I've learned that I have to keep track of what I've made, so I can at least make something similar)......

So here ya go,,,,,, some other stuff,,,,"Warts and All"........
The flags are in the Background,,,,not sticking out of the Hat,,,,see what I mean??? And the green is more celadon than brite lime.......

So? Without Editing, it's kinda like someone taking YOUR Pic without any makeup on!
HA!  Can you feel my pain?

Almost on target with this one,,,,but again, appears a BIT bright!
(Are you loving this play by play yet, or just sayin', "Shell Figure out what the heck is UP with your software!" ) Hey, at least it's better than when I started my FIRST blog and some of the pics went on Sideways,,,,,and I kindly asked folks to just turn their head,,,,,because I didn't know how to rotate my pics if they posted wrong!
Another party hat........this and the previous two were made by painting old white textured wallpaper. Fun to create your own "Canvas." I  don't know if I'll ever tire of this colorway-Fushia, limes and turquoise,,,,,with bit of creme/silver and old "bit's and bob's."

This doll is from my Junkin'/Antiquing adventures with my friend Debi Burton last week....She's handmade from the 30's or 40's.......I circled a Huge antique mall 3 times,,,,,and decided I HAD to have her! She just kind of "fits" with my stuff.........
One last Party Hat Pic,,,,
Vintage paper/crepe and flowers.....

I'll TRY and take a few more photos..and hope in the meantime that I get one of my son's friends over from the local "Geek Squad" or,,,,,find a Camera/Software Counselor that can get the one talking to the other!

Most of these Hats/Crowns/ and the likes are headed to New York Cupcake! http://newyorkcupcakes.com/ They're getting ready to open their 2nd Shop  this week! Congrats to Lisa and her crew!

I hope you are enjoying your week, breathing a SIGH of relief if your an East Coaster or have family or friend there,  after "Irene"  fizzled out, at LEAST a bit!

Enjoy your week, whatever you are up to!
Hugs, love and a "post 'em anyway" Bus on the Cheek!


Say a little Prayer that the "Geeks" drop by and tell me what the HECK is up with my "dealy-o!"


  1. Camera problems or not, your hats are just adorable! And wow, NEW YORK!!! Honey, you've made the BIG TIME!!! I feel so honored that I have a Shell Original! xoxo Debra

  2. The hats look great!New York! You hit the big time girl!!!


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