Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jills Birthday was "Just Beachy!"

Last evening we Celebrated Jill's Birthday, my Joyworks Co-worker? In the BEST of ways.......Out at our Boss Clarice's brand spankin' new Beach house! It was the BEST! Good Friends (co-workers), Good Times, Good Food and TONS of Laughs!....Oh, did I mention PERFECT Weather????

We all headed out to Clarice's new beach Cottage,,,to Celebraate Jill's Birthday ( and unbeknownst to Clarice, give her a little "50th" Gift)  and "see the new digs!" Here's the Birthday Girl Jill, relaxing on the Patio,,,steps from the water's edge with a Pink Lemonade!

Clarice's new place is to DIE for! It's already decorated to the MAX (duh!) after only being in it for a month or so....... But it  feels SO homey and SO relaxing......So Perfect.....

Cute Mantle......

There is something about the sound of the waves, the salt in the air, that just relaxes you......

Kay and Penny
Luanne, Looking Very, "Coastal!"

We also presented a Patio Umbrella to Clarice, for her recent 50th Wedding Anniversay,,that she had had her eye on since she bought the place! Ackkkk! 50 years! You deserve the umbrella and THEN some! And many Congrats for this milestone!

(Guess what's in the Box Clarice!")

And, OH how we laughed last nite! By the time we left, I'm sure I had mascara running down my face and my stomach hurt........Can you say, the BEST co-workers EVER? Yeah, I know, I'm spoiled rotten!

But WAIT! We're not done with the Patio Umbrella yet! "How many Joyworks Gals does it take to screw in an Umbrella?"

Sandi to make sure it's gonna be STRAIGHT,,,,,Jana, getting ready to OPEN,,,,,Kay and Clarice working below.......and the rest of us Laughing or offering advice! The answer being  probably too many!

After WAY too many yummy appetizers, followed by a wonderful Dinner, (Jana made awesome Clam Chowder, we settled into the cute Cottage as it cooled down outside, to give Jill her Birthday goodies......Lots of BEACH inspired gifts.......

GORGEOUS Wildflower Bouquet from Sandi girl,,,,,Those wild Sweetpeas just kept smelling sweeter as the nite wore on!

Former Co-worker Janie - prankster, generous to a fault and dear, (Left) joined us, She lives 2 doors down, or should I say "2 Bulkheads down" from Clarice's new little Cottage.........Kim (ctr) our Newest and dear Joyworks addition,,,,,and  her mom, Luanne.......

I usually craft SOMETHING as part of my Birthday Gift......I used some fun Vintage "Beachy" wallpaper from Jana and "paper" clayed a Vintage Ballerina into a Mermaid to make this LITTLE Box,,,,with Shells, Pearls, etc........I put a gourmet truffle inside of it,,,,,IN the shape of a Fish.......Well, she got a Giftcard too,,,,,but I had to make her Something!

I snuck back outside and took these photos at Sunset.........I'm just going to SHUT UP for a Change and let you see Clarice's Wonderful Panoramic View.......

Directly South ,,,,,,(Early in the Eve you could see Mt Rainier in the Center of her View)

North,,,,,,,the Cascade Mountains and Mt. Baker........

Another Northern Shot.. Cascades still capped in a bit of Snow....

To the West.....The Olympic Mountains in the Distance........if you look closely.......

There is NOTHING prettier than the Pacific Northwest on a clear day. You are surrounded by fantastic views! Thanks Clarice, for sharing your little Corner of Paradise with all of us! It is SO lovely! And we Joyworks gals are SO happy for you and Gordy!

We finished of the evening with a wonderful Cheesecake that Clarice had prepared, that was to DIE for,,,Complete with fresh local Blueberries and Raspberries.

Happy Birthday Jill! I hope you had an extra special nite, I know I did!

I think I've been fortunate in my life, or blessed if you will. Many great experiences and memories. Good friends, good neighbors, good family. But when I reflect on last evening? It was PERFECT!

Hugs and Love to Jill for her Birthday, To Clarice, for having us all out to her wonderful new Beach Cabin and to all of YOU,,,,,,my blogger friends!

Hope you are enjoying Summer, whatever you are doing!
Hugs, Love and a "Beachy Bus!"

If it's Friday,,,,,,,I'll be Junkin'!.........


  1. wow, this looks like heaven!! I know that must have been so omuch fun! xoxo Debra

  2. What fun! I have such a good time with my girlfriends. And what a beautiful sunset! It relaxed me just to see those photos! Love, Linda

  3. ah it all looks so beautiful! I'll bet you were the life of the party. They are lucky to have you as such a good friend!

  4. Thanks to all for a fabulous birthday celebration. I couldn't of asked for a better night. Beautiful weather, awesome food, great hostess (Clarice) at her new cottage, well let's just say I "want it" and great friends that make me laugh! Thank you to all.

  5. It does look like the perfect day with wonderful friends and food. Doesn't get much better than that!
    What a view!!!!
    hugs Lynn

  6. Oh Shell what a wonderful evening! A perfect place to celebrate- love the whole beachy theme! Your mermaid creation is fabulous!! You girls really know how to have a great time!


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