Friday, August 12, 2011

My New "Housemate!" Junkin', Show and Friends.....

I hit the road pretty early this morning here in little old Snohomish,,,,,and you know what? It already felt like Fall-all Chilly and Foggy (We haven't even had a SUMMER yet,,,,and it's Fall?? It was COLD this morning! I had to turn the heater on,,,,,,IN August? And don't even get me started on the spiders that are already building webs across my walkway! Acckkkk!!!

So? I was doing my normal Friday thing,,,,,looking for Junk and Fabulous finds......I didn't have a "co-pilot",,,or "co-Junker" today,,,,,just me and a bunch of signs. It was a slow start,,,,,,but THEN? I found my new "Housemate!" She's gonna need a name,,,,,,,,

I know, she's kinda Creepy, right? I brought her in the House? Shadow, my Black Lab went on full alert!
She's previously freaked out when she saw wig/mannie heads down in the Studio!

Close up......

I know, right now, she looks a BIT like Dr. Phil on Estrogen, but she's all hand painted and even has eyelashes........She'll be fun in the Studio or at Shows, once she get's a Fashion Makeover! And, well, I got her for $11 Bucks!

And to be honest, Shadow wasn't the only one freaked out by her.....I went to the hardware store to buy some paints after I dropped off all my "Junkin'" loot.....walked back in the front door, saw "her" leaning on the coffee table and my heart skipped a couple of beats!   "Stanger Danger......right here on Avenue B!"

I had a couple of other good scores today, including some fun Vintage Flower Pics........
If anyone has want or need for some Vintage soft Yellow flowers for Crafting, etc, let me know! Hard to tell from the picture....., but this is a Gallon sized zip lock there are TONS of them!  Let me know if you want/ need a doz or so,,,,,,I'll give you a great price!

I also found a couple of other fun pieces today, including an Old English Bike w/ a basket,,,,,,that I didn't take a pic of because it's STILL in the back of the Pathfinder until I get one of the boys to help me get it out!

All, in all, it was a FUN and successful day! I also had fun stumbling on a Garage/Antique Sale that my friends Tamara, Carol and Sherry were having a few blocks from my home.......I kind of "Crashed" their sale on my way home  with all my finds......Had to show them the "Mannie." They had a GREAT sale going on....lots of Vintage and Antique goodies and the buyer's were Lovin' it!

They already had their "Ruffle's and Rust"  Event postcards and coupons out, which inspired me to go downtown and Pay Timi for MY Booth! I'll post the Event on my Sidebar!

So,,,,,,,Help me name the "Mannie!" Errr, Housemate! I thought "Cosette," because I finally finished reading "Les Mis" this week,,,,,,,,,,or Autumn,,,,,,,,,because it sure as heck felt that way this morning..........But I'd LOVE your suggestions!! Funny is good,,,,,or something profound............

Back to work at Joyworks tomorrow,,,,,I KNOW we have tons of new Merch after driving down 1st street a couple of times this week and seeing all the packing boxes in our window well! Stop by if you're local and see what's NEW!

And, Don't forget to ...........Mark your Calendar for the "Ruffles and Rust Show" at the State fairgrounds in Monroe for October!
Hope to see you there!

Have a GREAT weekend, whatever you do!
Hugs Love and a "Plaster" Bus on the Cheek~!


  1. She IS crrreeeepppy! are you sure its a she?
    she needs a name like Pat, Sam, etc... something that could be either. i'll ask the kids, they'l come up with something scary for you!

  2. LOL Yep a little creepy. Sorry Shell I laughed when I read the part about walking in and finding her. I have been there and done that with a few of my old pieces years ago.
    Now I have to get off here and go tell my daughter you had to turn on your heater this morning. Believe me she will say WHAT....hahaha
    Still in the hundreds here and just now at dark I went out to check my mail and it was still to hot to walk to the mail box. Sad
    Have a great weekend

  3. OMG she's creepy wonderful! I love her! LOL @ Dr. Phil on Estrogen! I am thinking she looks a lot like a Countess Boozina her Boozie for short!! *giggle*


  4. To funny, she does look like Dr. Phil. I had to laugh when you mentioned she scared you when you came back. I purchased a dress form awhile back, she was in the livingroom, when I looked out in the area in the middle of the night it scared me to death!!!
    Great finds.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. oh Shell, what a great find, had to laugh at finding her up against the table... So Eileen comes to mind. hahahaha!!!!
    I'm sending you a pm. your such a doll yourself
    hugs Lynn

  6. I think Mannie looks kind of like Blythe grown up. Kind of creepy cute...if you know what I mean!!! Gosh you get good finds, Shell. I might have to more to Shohomish. First I must learn how to pronounce it!!!
    Big hugs and a warm Minnesota bus on the cheek!


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