Friday, August 19, 2011

Big Fun Junkin' Today! (Friday Finds)

So? I did my usual Friday Junkin' trip,,,,and lemme tell you, there were some "Smokin'" good finds in Snohomish! I'll start with items from the Annual  Community Event that raises money for Women's Education,,I gave them a Bit extra for their cause,,,,,,,,And you'll have to wait till the END of this post to see my Major "Score" today!

 I found a lot of fun goodies there,,,,,Including this Vintage Black Wool Gab Coat w/detachable Mink Collar......( It needed a few repairs in the stiches of the sleeve lining, but I knew I could fix it) Great Coat......3/4 length sleeves.......a trend we've seen a lot again at Joyworks.......knee length......$3.50!
As an animal lover I would never buy anything fur.....Unless it was Vintage........

Other Vintage items I found today for a "song." Mini Light up Santa, flower frog, a Vintage Jewelry box and a cool Wood box,,,,lined in Metal??? Some Vintage French books and Who could resist and Old Woody Woodpecker Puppet for 50 Cents????

I also found these fun fine Cotton Laura Ashley PJ's from the UK.......(I don't usually even LOOK at clothing at Garage sales,,,but the fabric caught my eye.....And they are TOO G-Darn Cute! And,,,,in My size!)

I found these fun vintage chairs yesterday,,,along with the table at the rt. (sorry,,,,I was in the shade and this was the best pic)......all 3 pcs for $15.......I know, SHUT UP! How cute will they be with a lighter coat of paint and new pads???

And,,,,,,don't hate me for this find today.....My Favorite-----

Five,,,,,,count 'em FIVE.....Rattan Pieces......$12 BUCKS AND DELIVERED!  ACCKKK! Can you even stand it??? They're sturdy and in great shape,,,,just aching for a new coat of Paint and some fresh chair pads! I have always loved Rattan...It works with just about any decor. I hosed 'em all down and will get started on them next week. I look forward to showing some before and afters.

My next door neighbor Kristie, has been watching me haul stuff home the last couple of weeks.......And thinks I may be a candidate for "Hoarders." They too, live in an Historic home, but their decor, inside, is pretty modern. But my French Neighbor Cathy, "gets it."

Our "Junkin'," Garage Sale days here in Washington are pretty limited .....Most Sales? Because of the rain we get about 10 months out of the year, take place in July, August and Sept. So? If you live in this area,,,,,you "Junk" and you "Junk" hard for a couple of months! So,,,,I'm going to burst at the seams, if you will, with Treasures, finds and potential Treasures for a month or so,,,,,,,,Especially before the upcoming Ruffles and Rust Event in October!

It was a fun Day,,,,,,and I'm happy with my "Finds." I hope YOU have a great weekend, whatever you do!

Hugs, Love and a Treasure filled "Bus" on the Cheek!


  1. Hi Shell, Oh my, what wonderful finds, I love the last chairs and I hope you show us what they look like when you are done, they will be beautiful. Sounds like you are having way too much fun. Have a wonderful weekend, before we left, it looked like you were to have a beautiful weather week! Hugs, Terri

  2. Amazing. Just amazing. I know I would have a wonderful time Junkin with you. I am inMontreal trying to Junk and not doing a very good job. I want old French books and you found them all in Shohomish@#$%
    Hugs and a teary bus on the cheek,
    The rattan OMG!

  3. Great finds! Days like this are what keep us going back. I cannot resist those old jewelry boxes and the rattan table and chairs are fab. I think I might even be tempted to just leave the paint and switch out the pads. The colors wouldn't suit my decor but sometimes i wish they did and I bet there is someone out there who will LOVE it.

  4. Eeeeeeeeeeek! Look at your loot!! Lucky Gal!!


  5. Maybe your wooden box that is lined with metal is a humidor. It would hold a small moistened sponge, to keep the air moist for tobacco and/or cigars kept in it.
    What great fun things you found. LOVE that table and chairs for $12.00. WOW!!!

  6. Ya did good girl

    love all your treasure finds. don't worry what the neighbors think just keep on having fun


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