Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More "Cuppycakes," Hats and Crowns........and a Second Shop for NY Cupcakes!

The Cupcakes are Coming! The Cupcakes are Coming!!!!

(one of my latest with Vintage materials)

I met Lisa, the owner of New York Cupcakes about a year and a half ago. She'd come into Joyworks periodically,  and buy things for her New store/shop. Fixtures, stands, aprons and well also, a few of my One of a Kind Birthday Hats for the store she was opening....."New York Cupcakes."

Of course  we ALL live in the greater Seattle area, not New York, and her #1 store is located in the Bellevue/Redmond area....(a couple of miles from Microsoft headquarters), at the Crossroads Mall. But NOW? She's getting ready to open her #2 Store,,,,in the Madison Park Community in Seattle!  I am So happy for her and her staff. They produce the BEST cupcakes, with  only, the finest ingredients, always.

taken from their Website..............

So, Moi?  I'm working like crazy to create some fun Birthday Hats, Crowns and other paper goods for the new location using a a lot of Vintage goodies! Maybe that's part of my "connection" with Lisa.......we both LOVE the Vintage "goodness." Old papers,,,,,,Old flowers, and it just "works" with what She does.

As it stands right NOW, and Lord knows there can be permit or other issues, it looks like they'll have the NEW store open for Business on the 1st of September! 

They "do" Weddings, Corporate Events and tons of Custom orders......Check out their Website for all the info!http://www.newyorkcupcakes.com/ or, if your local, stop by the Bell/Red location or mark your calendar to check out the NEW Shop!

Now?,,,,,I'd best get busy or Drive to Bellevue for a Cupcake!

Hugs, Love and Happy Creating things that you Love, for people you admire!

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