Friday, July 29, 2011

Girls Just wanna go Junkin'! A few Friday finds, but mostly laughs and Sunshine!

Deb Bock and I headed out this morning before I even finished my first cup of coffee! Sometimes you just go where the "Junk" winds take you.....we headed  waaaaay up North.......And, well, the "pickin's weren't quite what we had in mind, but the weather turned lovely and we both fell in love with a couple of little cottages on or near the Sound in Anacortes........The view's were lovely and we took a couple of wrong turns that lead to --

Too funny, quite the downspout! Only in Washington State!

Had to take a quick pick of this Anacortes "Junk" Mural!

We headed back down "south" to Mt Vernon and I scored a few goodies.........

I'm crazy about Antique and Vintage Postcards,,,,,I picked up this one.......

I think this was my FIND of the Day,,,,,

This old turquoise rocker with faded chocolate floral Velvet panels..........
I "stole' this one! No, really I paid for it, but still!

Pretty little old English Plate from an Estate Sale,,,,,,,it has a little faded sticker of $25.00 on it.........
I "stole" this one too!

Some sweet linens, a fun glasses case for my "cheaters" and another Glass Flower Globe,,,,,
$3.oo bucks for the bunch........

Close up of the bird runner,,,,,,50 Cents??? For all that hand work. These don't sell well, and it makes me sad because of all the hours, talent the went into them,,,,,And well, let's see, HOW many hours do I put into MY stuff ??? I guess artist and crafters appreciate other artist and crafters the most!

We didn't hit any "Mother Lode's" today, but had fun laughing, exploring and creating our own Rules-IF we were the Garage/Estate Sale "Police."

1) Those folks that don't take down their OLD signs should be Fined!
(Or, maybe shot, but that may be a BIT extreme! -I'm just sayin')
2) If you're selling your kids old clothes and toys, SAY SO!
3) If you think your Garage sale items are "Antique store worthy", Get a Booth, for heavens sakes! Don't think I'm gonna pay $300 for a dresser in your back yard!
4) Make the Arrows on your signs large enough that I don't have to SLAM on my breaks to see them!

And, In retrospect, we only made a couple of illegal or irratic U-turns and I SWEAR we were on the One-Way street going the wrong direction for What? Mere seconds!

Love my Deb, Love my Junkin'! Fun Day!

Have a GREAT weekend all, whatever you do!
Hugs, Love and a fun-filled Bus on the Cheek!


  1. So glad you girls had fun!!!


  2. I feel the same way about the old signs,baby clothes and antique store prices.
    Sounds like you gals had a great day and some fun finds.
    Love the watering can
    Hugs Lynn

  3. My kind of peeps, that's all I can say ... my kind of peeps.


  4. I just might have to "borrow" that watering can idea.......glad you had a good day!!

  5. Oh that rocker, that rocker ........ummm I love it

  6. Love LOVE my little hometown and it's art history! :)

    Wanted to share a little about the mural. It is one of over 100 painted by local artist Bill Mitchell. He became a quadriplegic in a horrible car accident in 1971 and started painting in 1984. YES! He painted all of these murals with only the movement he has in his shoulders, elbows and wrists!

    I am so excited to get to volunteer at the Arts and Crafts festival this year!


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