Monday, July 25, 2011

Busy Summer Times! Junkin' with Deb, Parades and Salmon-oh yeah and SUN!

Jayden and Josie
(Parade Watchers and Joyworks Shoppers-Lovin't their new Joyworks Hats!)

Wow, it felt like a BIT of Summer, finally! And let me tell you, if you're not from around here,,,,we cram a LOT into those sunny days we do get!

Friday, I went Junkin' and Laughing with my Friend Deb Bock of  Garden Party.....Too Fun! Saturday, Kla hiya Days here in town--our gigantic Summer Festival right here in Little old Snohomish! And, last night my oldest son and I finished off the Weekend with a Salmon BBQ Dinner ............

Some finds from our fun girl's day!

Fun Vintage crystal lamp and lovin' this shade! "Old Lady Pink" Glove and Hankie boxes.......

A bit of Kitch...........

Whole box full of this "Marie" China-22k gold trim.......$6 Bucks~

Child's Wicker Rocker in Pale Aqua/Blue

A bit of Glass..........

3 French Prints
Chalkware poodles

And I'll leave you with the Dancing Horses from the Parade Saturday!

These guys were awesome!

If you can, take a moment to click on over to my friend Elise's fun new blog, featuring Vintage Vendors and Crafters and her A-Mazing photography~! Just click on the little cutie on the top right corner of my Blog!

Okay,,,,,,,the rain is now falling Have an awesome Day!

Hugs, Love and a Busy Bus!


  1. Just incredible stuff, Shell! I am especially crazy about the lamp....great shade. The twins in their Joyworks hats are adorable!
    Greetings from the nice gently wam Black Hills of South Dakota. We are having a great time here with old friends.
    Hugs and a warm bus on the cheek,

  2. You found some fantastic things!

    LOVE the chalkware poodles. I would tart 'em up a bit....of course, with black and cream~~

    I LOVE going junkin'! I just wish we had a good junkin' place near us!



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