Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In the "Pink" again,,,,,,and a Small town Salon

Okay, so -if you've followed my Blog for a while, you know that I live in a cute little Historic town/Community.  And, Oh my stars, if I do the math,,,,I've been here for over 30 years!  Today? I got "Re-Pinked." That is to say, my Favorite Stylist, Ericka, at my all time Favorite hair Salon, "Tom Walker's" got rid of my Grey once again! Score!!!!!

Shell, closeup, san's makeup!

Now, I've gotta say,,,,,,,,,,I'm a former Patron of "Vidal" salons back when I lived in Southern California, and I used to get my "Hair-did" aka "Do" at Gene Juarez Salons back in the days I worked at Nordy's and some other high end Salons in Seattle and Bellevue............
And then? Somehow I stumbled into the this humble little place, "Tom Walker's"- because they once DID a hair show back when I worked at Nordstroms......Because they were in town,,,,,because everyone I knew in town talked about them,/the Salon,,,,,,,,,,

I can't tell you WHEN I started visitng the Salon. I CAN tell you that I'd met the owners back in my 20's---errrrrrrr, the 70's-Jodene and Tom............And Jodene was always "booked solid" and so- I met Ericka......She's current, professional, bold, and I've gotten to know her better than I know many friends!!

Yeah, yeah, Shell,,,,,,,Love the fact that you love your stylist,,,,,,,and the POINT?....
Jodene is dealing with Cancer.
Jodene, Tom and said shop are "Family now."

Sidebar: I've had great stylists in the past, and, I guess I've always been blessed because, regardless, for me, "it was JUST Hair." I've had it Long/Short, Foiled/Permed. I've tired it ALL,,,,,and lately (Just prior to my oldest turning 50),,,,,,with a BIT of Pink

The difference has been, I have grown to love and know Family in this little Salon. Ericka's Family, Marie's, Candie's, Bri's, etc. and of course, first and foremost, Tom and Jodene.

They live and work in a Small town, and yet they've always learned the latest techniques, styles, products.
I COULD go to Bellevue or Seattle, but I get the same service and latest techniques- right here!
And, I love that!

If you aren't local or looking for a Salon, you may be thinking, "Shell, why in the world are you sharing this with all of us?"

It's community. It's family. It's caring and sharing. Jodene has another treatment tomorrow for her Cancer.
Keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

I've got other Community/friend/ family issues......I am still keeping under wraps to a degree........Longtime family friend underwent Brain surgery yesterday for a tumor. I've been holding my breath.......it looks good. I'll share more when I get info.......and  IF the family feels  comfortable sharing more info........

Hold those you love close,,,,,and in a way, I hate this saying, but "Freek" what you feel! In other words,,,,,,Be yourself, life is TOO Short!

Big Hugs to those near and far, Love to those that have touched my life in SO many ways AND a Bus on the Cheek to the rest of you, that mean the world to ME~
(Sending out special thoughts and Prayers right now,  to Jodene and Sam)

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  1. I just let my freek flag flyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I am loving my buzz cut and putting on enough makeup to just be a little tarty!! *giggle* That way, I figure I won't look like a dude with the buzz cut!



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