Thursday, July 28, 2011

Party on! Latest Hats.....and one of Shell's hair-brained ideas!

When I was growing up, I loved to throw parties!  My dad and brothers would go Hunting (ugh) around my Birthday in October. It was always girl time for Mom and I then,,,when I was little, I'd invite every neighbor and classmate I could think of, well the GIRLS anyway! Then, when I was a BIT older, I had "Theme" Parties,,,dress up, Valentine's day (the Birthday thing worked so well, I could see no reason NOT to have other parties!) & Costume parties. Well, maybe that's where this whole thing started in the first place.......

Some new hats:
Most of these hats are from Sample Pages I got out of a Vintage wallpaper book a few months ago.......Fun Color Pallete.....

Not as "Sparkly" as some of my others, but the pattern "speaks" pretty loudly! As my friend DebBock would say this is a "Mid-Century Modern" paper......Think "The Jettson's", Ric-Rack and the TV Tray-man, am I getting OLD!

Pink Magnolia wallpaper,,,

Also finished this little "Mini Crown" this morning, from the same wallpaper book.....lovin' the  "flecked" Aqua, and well, a girl can never have too many crowns, and a "Shell" or two doesn't hurt! (wink)

So here they are, with a few more .......I truly do love this color way of "Old Lady Pink," cream, aqua and Silver!   Most of these are going to go to the Cuppycake Shops,,,,,,


Never one to color inside the lines,  and I truly DO strive to be a bit unpredictable,,,,,

This ancient wallpaper is as fragile as it gets! I have used it on a couple of other projects and if I'm not careful, it crumbles or breaks. I fell in love with this yummy paper in November when I visited Heirloom Treasures in Iowa,,,,a side trip I took with Lulu and a Van full of new friends from Silver Bella!

I had to dig out the GOLD glitter for this one because the paper has gold running through it. Lately, most pieces I've made have been with silver......

Not sure yet WHAT I'm going to do with this hat,,,,,I try and keep my color schemes on the same page for my Cupcake Clients,,,,,,,,But I LOVE this paper!

I had this Weird Idea today,,,,,,let me know what you think. It wouldn't have to be THIS hat,,,,,I could make up something else for it- even a crown, BUT--I thought it would be kind of fun to have a "Traveling Hat/Crown"-like the Traveling Pants, or the Traveling Gnome.......I send it to someone for their Birthday (it could be a Blog birthday, Anniversary, Wedding Shower,,,,whatever) and then They send it on to someone else....And let the sender know where it was headed......You could add something to the package of your own, if you'd like! I think it would be fun to see where it goes! You'd just have to send it to someone with an Internet Address........

Maybe I've flipped my lid, or proverbial "Crown" but Whaddya Think?

Even if you think Shell's lost it, I'll understand, I get these weird ideas sometimes and well,,,,I'm thankful that "Ya'll" still put up with me anyway!

Happy Thursday!
Hugs, Love and an out in left field at times "Bus" on the Cheek!


  1. Love the party hats, Shell, and LOVE the crown! Oh, I like the idea of a travelling crown!!! How fun would that be! My birthday's in October LOL

    I received my package today (sent you a message via FB) Thank you so much! I ♥ it all! Just what I needed today. It was Aunt Donna's funeral today and I came hometo you package which put a smile on my face!


  2. Shell, your party hats are just so darling, love all the detail and creativity you put into each one! Hope you got my email thanking you for the wonderful necklace and package of goodies!
    love ya bunches, Debra

  3. these are beautiful... love all of them!


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