Friday, July 15, 2011

Where Shell Creates,,,,,,,,Where Blogger's Create 3rd Annual Event!

Hi All! If you're new to this event, I hope you have fun viewing all the great workspaces, large and small! If you're an Old,,,well not old, you know what I mean,,,,,  friend-Blogger or otherwise, Welcome too! Here's my little Studio in the Basement of this old house-just shy of celebrating it's 100th Birthday............

Karen always inspires me to Re-Vamp when she has these events.....

That Said?
Welcome to my Creative Chaos!

This is pretty much what hit's you in the Face as you walk in!
I have a BIT of Stuff.......

(You can click on these images to Enlarge)

I do a lot of Paper Craft, among other things, But I just LOVE using Vintage goodies,,especially papers, wallpapers and the it's Everywhere, including in my "New to Me" Cubby/Cab, I scored last week for 3 bucks!

I have an affinity for all things Vintage, re-puposed, or something old that can be used in a new way! I'm a Romantic,,,,,and a bit Glitter obsessed, and well, that's where my Blog name stems from......I live in a little old Bungalow and there is Glitter darn near everywhere.........

My fave new Quote on my Inspiration Wall,,,,,,by a local Artist, Paisley.
I want a one word Name! "Tulle" is a bit "stiff." And "Lacey" may just make me sound like an old Stripper!
"Sparkle" may be appropro,,,,,,but wasn't there a "My little Pony" named"Sparkle?"
A heck, just Call me Shell,,,,,,,it won't ever cut it as one of those One Name things,,,And, I've had more last names than Elizabeth Taylor, so I guess, I'd have to answer to almost anything!
But, I digress.......And this post is looking to be as long as Victor Hugo's "Les Mis".......
(Still thinkin' about that name though)
Did I mention the ADD?
A bit of Inspiration next to my workspace.......Colors, friends, images, events........
(The newly remodeled Mirror frame/turned corkboard isn't full yet.......Barn Sale find a couple weeks ago)

My major work space, old handmade Tool Bench, complete with Scars and Dings-it's Huge and has tons of Cubbies! Love it! Some guy made this for his shop,,,,,and it suits me fine!

Gotta Have Some Whimsey!
Got a Nickel?
(Pink Gumball Machine full of Ballerina's Clowns, and What not!)
There is Always Glitter on my Desk! Some older than most!
(Jana made me this cute little it!)

Back side of my Desk........Told you it was huge,,,,!

I have tons of Paper, Everywhere! Vintage Wallpapers, Scrap, Decals, Dresden, At the moment, it's pretty well under control!

Old Cabinet,,,,,full of Scrapbooking papers and Cardstock,,,and Old artist box on top- full over well, MORE paper Ephemera ..........

This was my Major Redo in my Studio this Year- (okay,) this last week or so......This old Closet had a bunch of my Boys,,,(Ahem, one is Newly 30-which spawned my Pink streaks in my hair, but that is another story) School stuff and even a box of Baby Clothes tucked-okay, okay STUFFED behind a curtain.....My Friend Annie (Of "Annie's on First," fame) motivated me to clean it out,,,,,,So here's step one, I want to wall paper it inside one of these days.....But lemme tell you,,,it looks a WHOLE lot better than it DID!

Full of old suitcases, and trunks, most of which belonged to my family,,,That one padded one back in the left corner I got for $1 though, a couple weeks ago! Score!
(Marla, my Muse, is up on the top Shelf at the moment, and none too happy about it!)
Tons of Old Millenery fill the hat boxes, a few out, with some of my altered Corsets.....I want to make more of these soon, too fun!

Old Wedding Veils, headpieces, Vintage rhinestone jewelry,,,

Here's my South wall,,,a Bulkhead in this old house, full of Lace Trims, Ribbons, Tulle and more Lace, Ribbons and Tulle! ( I may have enough now to go around the World, at least once, but whose gonna waste their time figuring THAT out?)

This sign I found at Farm Chicks,  pretty much sums it up, but really MOST of it is from Garage Sales, Friends cleaning out closets but a Few old Vintage bolts that I just had to have.........

Ahem, ( Some of the Bolts I HAD to HAVE!)

Vintage Velvets,,,,,,Get out of Town!

Lots of fun Metallics,,,,,

There is of course, a whole Stash of other Colors,,,,,,,,But we could be here for DAYS!........

Around the Corner, tucked under the Bulkhead,,,,,is my little "Bling Station." No Glitter here,,,,but crystals, rhinestones, cabichons, and Rare Jewels,,,,,,,Okay and throw in a Doll head and a Bottle or two.........

The "Jewels are locked up tight,,,,,no really, it's just that I took a really lousy picture!


Fun Project from Silver Bella ,,,,,,,Fun on the old Book paged walls......
The "West Wall"
So, now, you'll see that Shell is really "All over the Place" in her Studio,,,,,,,
All this old Vintage stuff, just dying to get put on something,,,,,,,

Suffice it to say, I also have a FEW little Bits N' Bobs
Clowns/Mushrooms, Angels, Bunnies,,,,,You name it, I've got 'em! Boxes, Jars and Cubbies full!

Next to this, is a table with Vintage Birds, Cages anda BIT of Product ready to go out-Sorry Bad Photo......Ahem, Not too much product on hand!

One Vintage paper Hat down,,,,,,,a couple dozen more to go! (Refer back to worktable at the begining of the post-Im' workin' on it!)

Mini Cake Topper..........

Shelf above my Supply Cubby,,,,,,
Next to this Shelf,,,,,,My Mom's Old Typewriter.........

And to bring you around ALMOST Full Circle in my Studio, Here's the North Wall, full of Millenery and Vintage Flowers......
A few  Cigar boxes and  Jewelry cases  full of  Vintage Flowers.......

If you've been following,,,,,Remember that Mirror I re-did a while back with all the Shells? Well, for now, here it sits!

And Lastly, above, my little Wedding Cubby,,,A Wedding Cake Topper Request, encouragement from a friend (Jana) is what got me into this whole creating, Blogging, thing in the First place, and it's grown exponentially in Blog friends, Business, Learning new techniques on my own and a class or two. I was never a "Junker" either, until I started looking for Vintage products to incorporate in either my art or my Studio. I can't imagine life any different now! I love it all! The creating, the "Hunt" and the wonderful people I've met along this path!

It's been an amazing and tranformative, 3 years! The "Topper" request, yes, and a friends support, but, it came shortly after losing my Mother, my bestest friend. And I believe it was the Drug, the Supplement, the "Anti-depressant" if you will, to recharge me......As Jenny Doh stated at Silver Bella back in November, "Art Heals." I highly recommend it if you're hurting, need to regroup or re-focus.

Thanks to the Blog friends and those "looky-loo" friends who have been there the last couple of years! When Karen first did this event, I don't think I even had a handfull of "Followers." But thank you all for being in my life,,then AND now! And Special Hugs to Karen and  my dear friend Lulu, who were there for me at the start....the best Cheerleaders EVER! This isn't the Oscars, or the Emmy's so I'll let it go at that, but I can't begin to say how life changing and wonderful this Blog and Creative adventure has been!

I hope you take some time,,,,,as some time it will take- to visit all the other Bloggers and Crafters taking part in this great Event!Thanks again Karen, for your time and efforts!

"Creative" Hugs, "Appreciative" Love and a "Organizational" Bus on the Cheek!


  1. I love your space and I really love the tops you've made! And all the suitcases, a dollar, really!? You obviously love this room because you have created so many great things. Super job,:)

  2. What a wondeful space...and that sparkly quote is so true! Love the bowl of glitter nad that old cabinet with the scrap book paper ~ oh my!
    I love all the creative ways you display your "very expensive junk" ~ that's a great sign by the way!

  3. Awesome and FUN studio you have and I sure enjoyed seeing it!

  4. I love all those trinkets and could get lost in there for hours just looking at everything! Very clever studio with lots of personality that also comes through in your writing..I bet you are a fun friend to have! Hope you will stop over at my studio and say hello. bertie

  5. Oh my goodness! It looks like heaven to me!! There are so many goodies packed into that room! I could just get lost for hours looking at everything! Thank you so much for joining the party again Shell. Oh and by the way.. you DO have one of those great one word names. I ALWAYS know it's you anytime someone talks about "Shell"!!!

  6. OK, now I need to find a bubblegum machine! And I LOVE your typewriter (as you'll see if you have time to visit my studio spaces!).

    I love where you work!

  7. You are just the Sweetest!!

    I LOVED seeing your studio! Everything looks great and I want to come and play in there!!


  8. Wow!!! What a great space!!

  9. what a beautiful space you have! thanks for sharing.

    Have a beautiful day Lisa

  10. Shell!
    Yay for you!!! I've got some wallpaper for you...cause I know you need a bit more...ummm, right? ;) lunch next week! I've been swamped, time for girl lunch!
    Deb @ Garden Party

  11. FABULOUS!! I honestly don't think I would leave if I ever set foot inside! Thank you so much for sharing.

  12. Looks great! So much fun! Looking at all your goodies makes me feel better...I'm not the only one with a basement full of vintage craft supplies... :)

  13. Your studio is fabulous! I love the glitz and bling and sparkle. What a fabulous place to create all that lives in your heart.

    Love to you~


  14. I think I've died and gone to Heaven...Fru-Fru Heaven!!

  15. wow! what an amazing creative space! it's all so beautiful and inspiring! I'm glad i got to see it!

  16. Ahh I want to just sit in your space and absorb everything! I love that altered corset, so cute and I may have to use your favorite new saying, suits me down to the ground.

  17. It looks so neat and sparkly. Very pretty!

  18. I just love everything, but I have to come over so I can poke around...
    Fantastic creative space!! I am going to follow now so I can see what it is you do with all of that goodness.
    Yup, art is therapy and stuff is even better.
    Thanks for sharing.

  19. What an awesome studio! I love all the whimsical touches and that old cabinet for paper is wonderful! Thanks for the grand tour! Have a nice weekend! Twyla

  20. Shell, I really love your space. Its's full of life and whimsey and I think that describes you as well. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  21. Your blog is wonderful and your studio is absolutely lovely! Thank you for sharing!

  22. Wow Shell, I think I'd have died and gone to heaven, so many lovlies! No wonder your art is so special!
    hugs Lynn

  23. Oh my gosh, I could dive in there and stay for days!!

  24. What a bunch of fun fun fun stuff to work with! So inspiring... love the millinery and the suitcase display, all the collections, fabulous!

    ~ Violet

  25. Your space is beautiful. I would love to create somewhere so beautiful and full of influence. Gorgeous.

  26. My head's spinning with all the goodness you have in your creative space!!! Love that cabinet and typewriter!!!!


  27. You have an amazing space to be creative in! You have so much treasures and trims it takes my breath away; I love it!
    I thank you for sharing your fanatastic work space and for sharing your artwork. I can see this spread in "Where Women Create".

  28. what a fab studio. All your goodies could keep me entertained for hours just looking at them Hugs Sara

  29. Artful treasures galore...What a terrificly creative space. TFS!!!

  30. I loved looking at your space. I wanted to walk right in and go exploring and you know those are some of the very best creative spaces. Love the vignette with the millinery, the cherub lamp and the shell mirror. I so wanted to see a bigger version of that but it was not clickable.

  31. Hi Schell!! (cool name by the way!!) Thanks so much for sharing! So many cool things and displyas you have!! I just love the bubblegum machine with the ballet dancer toppers!! You are very talented!! XO Fran.

  32. You've got such a great space, Shell! I love your new frame for your corkboard and the cubby you picked up for your papers. Love your work area. Mine is an old work top/cart my hubby made but wasn't using anymore. I can't imagine coming into this room and not getting inspiration to create!

  33. Great old storage pieces. I love the scrapbook paper storage. Very fun room!

  34. WHEW!! So much to look at. You have treasures and fun stuff in every little corner! Loved the tour.


  35. I sure enjoyed touring your space, it's great!! Love your "expensive Junk" sign!! I would love to come over for a play date, what a time we would have creating in your space!! Thanks for sharing your treasures, truly amazing!!

  36. Your studio looks like a fun place to work in! Thank you for the tour.

  37. I love the bubble gum machine! Such fun!

  38. You have a lovely space and so many pretty and interesting things to work with. Love your storage.

    (I'm still trying to visit all the blogger's spaces).

  39. What beautiful and huge room you got going there! Everything is just lovely. Thanks for sharing. I had a nice time on your blog.

  40. Fantastic space, and its great to see some other basement creators (Im one as well : ) You space is so full of fantastic little things, so much to see and discover. It was great tour and happy you took part this year. Love the lace necklace you made for your friend (a post after this one), its beautiful.

  41. Love love all your stuff in your creative space!!! Looks like it would be so much fun there!!! I love glitter, I have a little sign
    on the door of my craft cottage that says "Warning Glitter Zone". That's a joke I have with my oldest son, who doesn't like to come in to my craft cottage because he doesn't want to get glitter on his clothes. LOL

  42. I feel like I just visited an old friend. What a wonderful, cozy, comfortable, fun space. I'd love to visit it in real life.

    Thanks for sharing it with us.


  43. I am absolutely in LOVE with your vintage trunk show photo. The mannequins, lace, hat boxes and lingerie! AMAZING! XOXO

    -Taylor Greeley

    The Greeley Girls

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