Friday, July 8, 2011

A FEW Friday Junk Finds...Last day of Giveaway and Victor Hugo

Happy Friday All! I hope you've had a great week! Mine was super Busy,,,,,Where did IT GO? This morning, I needed to deposit a Check and headed up towards the bank, with EVERY intention of going back afterwards and working on my Studio,,,HA!

When I saw one of "those" dreaded Signs! "Garage Sale!" With a "fresh fifty Bucks in my wallet, I followed,  don't hate me, I'm not very focused! I didn't find a lot there, but I did find a few treasures,,,,,

This fun little Tool trunk,,,,$2 Bucks,,,,and English Creamer,,,,,and a stack of molds,,,,a Quarter Each! I also found a GREAT shelf/divider for 2 Bucks,,,,although I paid them $10 so they'd deliver it. It's sitting out in my front yard as we speak and it'll be AWESOME in the Studio......It's simple cubbies, really, but will be great for Paper Storage.

Since I didn't find much today, I also threw in ONE of the Two Gumball/Candy Machines I found a couple of weeks ago at the Craven Sale.........I took them both apart this week and spray painted the bases Pink.........Right after I cleaned out all the old melted, sticky Skittles, (ick) and M&M's........
That new Rustoleum Spray Paint is Awesome!!!

They'll both be headed down to the Studio soon,,,,,,,,,

I also found this old Clothes Hamper for a $1.00,,,,,
It's gonna need a SERIOUS cleaning and a good coat of Paint!

And, final shopping stop on the way home this morning, back to my House/Studio, I stopped at the former, "Salvadelena's" Nursery. Clarice, my boss/friend at Joyworks said they had some great hanging baskets, for $ thought I'd check it out.

And I found this one,,,,,,,,,,Love it!

 $10 Bucks? This may be the bargain of the day! Love the Colors!

As you may or may not know, I'm an Avid Reader. I read  various genres, and after buying a Kindle several years back, I read more than ever. Fiction, History, Mysteries, Biographies, you name it.......

And last nite? Or should I say, very early this morning, I was wide awake and picked up my Kindle and perused the "Freebies." They always have 100 or so books that you can download now for free, including many pieces of classic literature.......and I started reading Victor Hugo's "Les Miserables." And although I loved, love love the Musical, the book is divine. I'd highly recommend it! This book is spriritual, cerebral, inspirational, cultural and historic.  It's as savory as a good bagette, a chunk of Brie, and a glass of wine.........

By the way, If you haven't yet entered my Giveaway,  (Post Below) You've got about 24 hours before I draw names. You can leave a comment either on my Blog,,,,,,or on Facebook! I'll be giving away two custom necklaces......Your choice of Colors!

Have a GREAT weekend, whatever you do!

Hugs, Love and a Literary and Junky Bus!


  1. Les Mis!
    I knew you were a kindred spirit!!! :-)

  2. Shell,
    I would take it all! I love the little molds...and I got a whole box of them from my mil who is cleaning out her big home to move. I want everything she has. I want a gum machine just like that. Love the picture. Have a trunk like that. I get is. And I am looking for a divider for my craft room. So we must be related. Wish you had been at my family reunion.
    Big hugs and a greedy bus on the cheek!

  3. Shelll, your finds a fab! Isn't junking a fun summer hobby? Pictures of Miss BIllie's crown are on the way. You brought your magical bling to her first birthday! Her mother declared Billie will wear her crown every birthday. Thus starting a new tradition. How sweet is that?

  4. Shell,
    I must comment ~ after just watching the movie Les Miserbles (Liam Neeson) again, oh it is sooooo goood! In a used book store the other day I was perusing and looking for the book, found it, and when I saw how HUGE it was, putit back! LOL!!! Now, after your recomendation I will at least get it from the library (where I will for sure need to renew it at least onece to get through it : )

    I love how you transform normal things, broken things, discarded by others things,
    into BEAUTIFUL decor.

    ~ Violet

  5. I want a hanging basket for $10!! Where is this nursery and what is it called now? Thanks!

  6. Did I miss the sale at Craven Farms? Bad me! Thank you again for your WONDERFUL box of goodies! I added your button to my blog. When you least expect me, expect me, at Joyworks. I will try and bring treats for you and the girls!!

  7. LOVE that trunk!!! How cool is that!! I scored really big today too treasure wise AND I won your giveaway WHOO-HOO!!!! I will be emailing you right away!!! So excited!


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