Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Little Helen, Jackie's CD........

Today, once again, I took my mom's BFF on her errands. And truth be told, as unstable as she is, at 91,she most certainly could have run circles around Me......My Knee is So swollen right now. But we DID it! Tada!

But I'm totally peeved! Someone stole her hanging basket off her front porch! Ackk! I heard about it initially,when I picked her up,,,,But repeatedly on the stops we made today........Who, may you ask would steal a plant from a 91 year old woman??? Ackkk! Shhhhhhhh- don't tell! I'm going to replace it, hopefully with the help of a neighbor friend..........

(Just got off the phone with Neighbor Friend Gail, who is going to be my accomplice!) If she gets caught, she'll just say she got instructions to deliver said basket.........

Okay,,,,,,,so have to share some Music for the soul. If you got to know Jakie Evancho for America's Got Talent, then you KNOW her abilities. BUT, they released a CD for her last Christmas and although Gorgeous, it only contained a handfull of songs......and well, in my humble opinion, pretty well "Canned."

Her new CD? "Dream with Me" is delightful.............will truly give you goosebumps and maybe like me, some alternating big spritutual Smiles,,,,,and tears! I highly recommend it~ IF I can figure out how to add a Music thread once again, I'll gladly share...........And, for heaven's/Friends sake is you can tell me how I did it before,,,,,,,,Please share!

Thanks, Hugs and love and hope you get to listen to a track or two even if I don't figure out the program!
You will LOVE IT!

Hugs Love and a Melodical Bus!

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  1. your story about your mom's bff brought back memories. my mom lived far away but her bff had nobody so what i did for my mom, i did for her as well. it's a good feeling to help out that way. and yes Jackie Evancho is something else. i love listening to her sing.


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