Monday, July 11, 2011

Small Business and Customer Service,,,,,or, "Make it or Break it!"

"Well, I NEVER! " At least not in THIS small town! Maybe in a "Box Store" outside the City/Town Limits, and most certainly in Malls, larger Cities and the likes, but, today?  I had the WORST customer service  I've ever had, right here in "River City," folks,,,,,,,Oh wait! That's from a Musical, but right here in Snohomish!

So Today? I was cleaning up my Studio, getting it all organized and tidy?  And I'd revamped this closet down there in the bowels of this old house that facilitates my art studio and I thought-'okay, it's looking rather cute, but maybe it needs a little rug tucked into the front of the closet.' And so,,,,,,Guess WHAT? We have a Rug store here in this little town! Piles and Piles and oodles and oddles of Rugs in every shape, size, style imaginable! So,,,,,Where does Shell go before she hits the grocery store? Well, duh! To THE rug store!

So,,,,I'll be posting my whole Studio thingy in a couple of days,,,,,,,Lots of Creme and Black,,,,,,and then Shell's got a whole lot of Color! (Why am I suddenly talking in the 3rd person here?) So anyway,,,,,,I have a lot of other color,,,,,,and some of my FAV's are Pink and Green..........So let's get a little Pink/Green and Creme Rug............

So,,,,getting back to the Rug shop? This Gal wanders out of  this office Cubby where another gal doesn't even make eye contact with me (She's much too absorbed in her Computer Screen and can of Nuts) And I tell the gal that looks like I
A) Imposed on her taking a Mid-term
B) interrupted her Texting or Facebooking
C) my Parent's own this stupid store and I have to work here this  Summe, so "get on with it."

So when she DOES saunter,,,,,,I kid you not, saunter out. . . .I apparently, am a total waste of her time and energy. I tell her I want a little area rug,,,,with a bit of Pink, Green and Creme. She informs me that "Those are old colors", she doesn't have anything like that. And THEN? She truly went back behind the glass wall and left me to my own perusement, or perhaps demise..........

And I'm thinkin' Whadda? Listen "Bee-atch" (sorry, she really got my pink hair in a knot) I am a Customer here,,,,,,I live in this little town and I know about 80% of the shop owners on a first name basis!

And,,,,,,,,(Thinking back to my OLD Customer Service Day's at Nordstrom, when I was her age,,,,,)
I would have shown "ME" every dang carpet/rug in the Showroom, if it meant making a customer happy,,,,IF it meant good feedback,,,,,,,IF it meant a return customer and perhaps MOST important of ALL, IF it meant THAT customer would tell at least one other person, if not several, that they had a good experience!)

As I was leaving, I ran into my Carpet and Floor Guy, who has the Shop next door - He's the BEST! He sells great quality products, and when he installed some Shaw Carpet and Tile in my entry last year, the service, the product and well, the whole Experience was GREAT! I'd recommend Mike Smith's Company, "Smith Interior's" to anyone! I briefly "vented" to Mike about my experience "next door."

Working at a Small shop-like Joyworks,,,,,and  Living and Shopping in small shops in this little Historic Town is generally a treat! You get to know the owners, the small personnel that work in the stores, and well,,,,,STILL get the customer service and "One on One" Experience.

I guess that is what upset me AND saddened me both today. I wouldn't recommend the Rug Shop. I was made to feel inferior, unknowlegeable, and basically a pest!  I had to tap on the glass window/divider that separated me from the ,,,,,,,,,ahem, "Sales Staff"  to even get them to come out and help me.......But of course, I shouldn't have FOUND anything anyway,,,,,,,,,,so claimed the Salesperson.....

I'll leave their shop name out of this scenario, and will certainly let the owner know of my experience if I can. The little throw carpet I DID find and DID buy, is darling......and apparently from France. But according to the Shop help,,,,,It was "not the Trend" and she looked at me like I couldn't afford it even if I found it! I won't go back unless the owner acknowledges his employee's rudeness. And, well, Ahem,,,,,I'd even go so far to say, working in a little shop that has been successful, delightful and pleasant to shoppers for over 30 years,,,,,I may,,,,,,event be a bit "pinched" and "bothered" by the whole experience! At this point, I wouldn't promote the Shop, even if you were looking to by 100's of Carpets.........God Forbid, I may even suggest first and foremost that you check out one of the BOX Stores!

As mentioned, Snohomish Merchants, overall. ARE Customer Service oriented, friendly, helpful, and well,,,,,,,,Family! I guess that is why this whole experience bothered me so much today!

Shop Local,,,,,AND support Small Business,,,,,,Unless of course you'd prefer a Walmart in your backyard and employees that don't even know there OWN co-Worker's names, let alone YOURS~! And, I guess the lesson is- if you Don't get good service, Let the Shop owner KNOW! (Searching for an Email addy as soon as I post this!)

Shew,,,,,Thanks for letting me get that off my Rug,,,,,,errrrrr Chest! I feel MUCH Better now! And I'll feel better yet after I forward this experience to the Owner!

Hugs, Love and a Servicable "Bus"


  1. I know that there are MANY people who would love to have a job, any job, so I think these two gals need to make room for someone who wants to work! I sure hope you get a hold of the owner. You go, girl!!!!

  2. I'm with Marsha so little jobs right now they should have been tripping over themselves for your business so that small town shop can survive.~Amy

  3. Isn't it amazing??

    My mom and I went to Roy Rogers at our mall. Nobody in line - great! (now I could understand why). When we asked the girl at the register for a #4, she just stared at us, threw her neck around back and forth like all the cool girls do, and said, "I don't know how to do that." And just stood there with this, "oh well, sucks to be you" expression. We just stood there like, what?? then the manager came out and taught her in front of us how to do it. It's funny now, but at the time, we just couldn't believe it. No, "Let me ask someone, I'm new here" or anything like that. Just too bad, you're outta luck cuz I'm a lazy ass who couldn't care less about it.

  4. Shell,
    That makes me shake in my anger. I want to rip her hair out right now!!!!!! OK, now that I have that over, I am sad. How about a little basic human kindness to dear Shell? To all of us? Something is wrong here and I don't think she is the only one. I think many people of forgotten the importance of treating the customer (and anyone) like they really matter.
    Sorry, dear Shell. If I were there I would give you a

    Humungous hug and sweet little bus on the cheek,

  5. Good customer service leaves you feeling valued and really good customer service can leave you feeling like you've learned something.

    What makes me crazy is when people use industry slang that I don't know so that I feel stupid.

    I'm sorry you had such a frustrating experience- but I'm glad I found your blog and your beautiful creations!

  6. Yes, that would have been frustrating, can't wait to see your studio. Mine is done in those neutrals, blacks, and browns also.

  7. Oh my, I could write a page about this post...Grrr! I HATE bad customer service, if you hate working retail, go get a job in a factory where you can push a button all day! I use to own a small biz and let me tell you i would have DIED if one of my girls would have treated someone like that and would def. have wanted to know RIGHT away!!! Telling the owner is ALWAYS the way to go!!!! Let us know what happens!!!!!!!!


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