Thursday, July 7, 2011

Love/Hate Relationships,,,aka a "Kick in the Backside" and Where Bloggers Create Event.....

This is Karen Valentine's 3rd Year, for the "Where Blogger's Create" Event. It's now less than two weeks away, and If you are a Crafter/Artist/ Blogger,,,,,,it is an event that you Cannot Miss! 

But I've got to tell you,,,,,,for 3 years,,,,,Karen, or at least her Event, has kicked my Backside! My business has grown exponentially, which is GREAT! But, my supplies and inventory has also grown, and I went from an office park setting or 5000k square feet, to moving into my own OLD home, once again, about this time, last year!
Starts July, 15th, 2011

Talk about creative Chaos???? So, once again, "Company is Coming Soon!" And indeed, I have a love/hate relationship with this Event, because I want things "nice."

If you are part of this Event, I've got your "Back." I'll cheer you on and wish you the BEST! And, for the rest of you,,,,I hope you view/learn/love/ admire all the Posts from this event after the 15th~ It's going to be inspiring. It's going to be YUMMY, it's going to give you TONS of Ideas for your own Crafting World!

Thanks Karen,,,,,Again, I love AND hate this event......but I look forward to it every year!

Hugs love and a ADD Bus on the Cheek!

Oh and If you didn't catch my Giveaway, scroll down to my last post.......for a Custom Lace and Ribbon Necklace! Ends Friday!

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  1. Shell I so understand your feelings about the love
    I really miss that part of my life being creative. I keep hoping one day I will start again yet it never happens.
    So I will be one of those in the stands cheering you on. haha
    Love love your necklace giveaway I put it on both of my sites.
    Love ya


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