Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Little Bit of This, little Bit of That kind of Day...........

I had EVERY intention of hiting the Studio at a full Run this morning,,,,,,What is the Expression? "Make Plans, and God laughs."

I ended up doing a Bit of this, and a Bit of that today....a Bit of Gardening, a Bit of Crafting, reading, cleaning, but, kind of felt like a "whole lot of nothin.'

I did finish a necklace for a friend,,,,,,in Creme's, Coral's and browns. When I think of Linda,,,,I think-"Soft/Whispy/Lovely." I added a BIT more tulle to this one than I normally do, But I distressed it more, also,  to make it soft around the edges. A bit Ethereal and Poetic.

(Pssst, all My Giveaway for bloggers and Facebook are done,,,,but not yet in the mail. I want to add a few goodies to each, so give me a day or two to get them off!) They WILL be in the mail by Friday! Unless I get bad news from the Doc about my knee tomorrow! 

I KNOW I shouldn't complain,,,,,,,,,nor should any of us Washington folks, but we have had virtually, NO Summer! You Midwester's and East Coaster's are dying of heat, I'm sure, But,,,we've got Nuttin' Honey. I feel bad about all or your heat waves,,,,,,but I feel bad here too, that we're molding on the Vines!
There should be a happy medium! Ackk!

Stay cool if you're Hot, stay positive if you're wet and moldy like me............this too, shall pass!

Hugs, Love and a little bit of "This", a little bit of "That" Bus on the Cheek!


  1. Your necklace is beautiful! I am in soggy Portland and so agree - if only we could send them a little cool and get a little warm in return!

  2. I will wish for some summer for you, Shell. I am out in the beautiful Black Hills right now where it is nice and cool. It has been an odd one, hasn't it? We left as a worker came to redo our basement wall...and clean up the flood!!!

    That necklace is truly swoon-worthy. I just kept thinking...occasionally I am poetic... You are just A Bit of This A Bit of That sort of artist and you seem to thrive on it and do it all well. I treasure the two pieces of Shell that I own.

    I think you should all come out to the Black Hills...eighty-five sunshiney and DRY! Lovin' it.

    Big hugs and a hopeful bus to you,


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