Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mini Crowns,,,,,and the Garden Tour this Sunday!

This morning was grey and a BIT rainy, so I worked in the studio a bit. I'm finally caught up on "Custom" orders and made a few mini-flags,,,,,and a few mini-crowns......

Old lace/wallpaper/tulle and a fun vintage leaf and a mirror embellishment

It always cracks me up when I use these old doll heads for something,,,,my Big ol' Sons think they're creepy!

Added a fun old "earclip" (aka earring if you're under 40) to this one.....

Not so sure about this last one,,,,,,I think I've got too much going on here for the size of the crown, but hey, maybe someone will like it!

I incorporated a frozen Charlotte onto this one,,,,,,,Again, I think it's a bit off scale,,,,but we live and learn, oui?

Sidebar: I have been So bad about posting local events this year! I used to have a running Calendar of Snohomish Events on my Blog Sidebar. I promise to get back to that soon! In the Meantime, please make a note that THIS Sunday, July 31st, is the Snohomish Garden Tour. I runs from Noon -5:00pm. You can by Tickets from us at Joyworks, Annie's on 1st, Mc Daniels, Curly Willow and Mc Aullife's Nursery, to name just a few. 

This is always a fun event, and given our Rain allotment this year, I'm sure a challenge to the Gardeners!
I have a couple of friends on the Tour this year, including Denise Cosgrove, who has a garden to DIE for!
If you are local and have a chance, you'll love visiting these gardens! If my "knee" is up to it, I may get to some of the Venues on Sat nite at the preview and will gladly share praise and a few photos!

Snohomish has the Oldest Garden Club on the West Coast. There are so many Master Gardener's in this town that offer their talents, expertise and submissions, we are truly blessed!

Enjoy your week, stay cool if you are HOT, stay optimistic (us Locals) if it is rainy!

Hugs, Love and a "Flowery" bus on the Cheek!


  1. Oooooooooo, love the wee crowns!!!

    Send me come of that rain...still brown and crispy here!


  2. Hi Shell,
    STILL going through all the creative spaces from Where Bloggers Create, did the As, then went to the Zs, because heck, they aren't going to get comments for months! Then back to Bs. I like your studio, but even more I like your BLOG! Love those crowns and there is so much to look at - I can feel your energy right through the screen. So, I've become your newest follower (and believe me, I don't follow just anyone) hahaha Love, Linda

  3. I love these beautiful crowns! How creative and artistic you are! WOW! Enjoy your week! ♥

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the crowns, especially the charlotte one!



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