Sunday, July 1, 2012

Winner, Friends, Family and Pets

It is truly amazing how Adversities make us see What/Who is important. My Tuxie Kitty died Friday or Sat....I don't know. I may learn more soon,,,,My Sons know more, and have protected me.....Not sure if I truly want to know what happened or not.

But,,,,,,,what I HAVE learned is I have amazing friends and my Sons TRULY stepped up to the plate to help/console/hold/hug and just "Be here" for me today.

Between work, my kitty, and Antique show and the likes,,,,I never got the "Math" done to figure out HOW to draw a new Winner for my Blogaversary Top Prize. So,,,,I'm "Cheating," kind of. I'm going to seen the Top Prize that wasn't claimed to my longtime Blog friend who has Never one anything from me.......And who is also celebrating her 3rd year...Debra from Common Ground. She has been my Cheerleader, friend, and inspiration for many a year....Prior to THIS blog, she followed and encouraged me.

Frankly, I'm wrung out like a Cheap washcloth right now with all that has been happening in my life......It just feels RIGHT to acknowledge a dear Blog friend.

Tuxie, was my mom's kitty. I "inherited" her when my mother died. I've had her for about 4 years. We,,,,,truly the Dogs and I loved her to pieces. She'd "Love up" on her dogs,,,,,rub under their chins and purrrrrr,,,,,and sleep with us/between the dogs at nite. I'll Miss her So!

My boys,,,not really boys anymore, but my sons, stuck by me today. Buried her. And planted a Bouginvellia (sp?) that I selected over her grave. They've been the BEST.

Tomorrow IS a new day....(deep breath). My sis in law should be home soon after her kidney removal.....

If You KNOW me at all, I'm a positive person. I'm going to get THROUGH all of this, be stronger, smarter and hopefully GROW to help others through their adversities!

Hugs love and both a THANKFUL and a "Memorable" Bus!


  1. Love you lots Shell. Keep your chin up and shoulders back. Everything happens for a reason. I admire your strength.

  2. Love you lots Shell. Keep your chin up and shoulders back. Everything happens for a reason. I admire your strength.

  3. Ohhhh Shell, I know how deep your love your pets and friends and family. We never really get over the loss, just through somehow. So glad you have your boys near right now. God knew you'd need them.

    Love to you dear friend,
    deb <3

  4. Oh Shelly! I am so sorry for the loss of your fur baby. Thinking of you during this difficult time. Hugs, Marian

  5. Love to you my precious friend!!!


  6. I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet kitty. I know how attached we become to our "babies". Oh dear. You've been going through a rough spell for sure. Best thoughts to you.

  7. I'm sorry about your kitty. Big hugs girlfriend! Glad to hear your sil is coming home.

  8. A huge Bus on the cheek to you. We like your style!!!
    Kathy and Kris

  9. Oh Shell, I'm so so sorry you lost your sweet kitty. I know how dear they can be, I'm a kitty lover for sure! and thankyou dear heart for all the sweet words, I so appreciate your friendship! My email has been changed and I'm trying to figure out how to reset it on my blog email. I'll email you in the am!


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