Saturday, July 14, 2012

Where Shell Creates 2012

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I'm just one little stop on Karen Valentine's "Where Blogger's Create Event,,,,, You can click on her Button on my Sidebar to see all sorts of wonderful Studios.......

Come on into my Studio....Here's my little 95yo basement,,,,,,Hope you find a thing or two to enjoy! Giveaway below if you leave a comment here by August 1st. Have Fun Visiting all of the stops!

I started out this blog making Wedding cake Toppers,,,,so I thought this grouping was appropro....

This is my Desk,,,,always covered in Paint/Glitters/Glue and the likes......this is as clean as it gets! Quick, Look!

I have lots of "Girlfriends" that inspire me in the Studio, here's a few...

I have Lots of neutral in my studio,,,,,you may notice that some of the walls are covered in Old Book pages,,,,But I also have lots of Color!

Lots of Pinks and Aqua....

One of my Fave inspirational pieces, a piece from a local artist Paisley.....

A girls GOTTA have Sparkle and Bling!!!

Back to my work area......

I Love these old French Tins I found to hold Paint Brushes and Tulles handy AND cute! And the old "45" Record Case!

I Love Old Wallpapers,,,well for that matter, Papers of ANY Vintage kind......some of my stash.......

Several Cabinets full of Vintage images and papers,,,,I love this old Cabinet....

This little old Cabinet is Perfect for Scrapbook papers......They are all in here in order according to the Colors of the Rainbow.....

And Old Hat boxes, suitcases and Jewelry Boxes........And Oh yeah! I have a "Thing for Vintage Flowers,,,,I kind of Hoard Them......

There are tons more,,,,,,but you get the idea......

This was my Mom's typewriter. She didn't like "Old Stuff." But she used it into her 80's....Love it!

This little Cabinet contains some other of my "girls," and the Photo at the top middle is my mom as a child......

I love my old Dress forms......

A Stash of Turquoise Supplies in an old Suitcase............This is an old family one,,,I've had it for years full or old pictures

Dolls & Heads.....Love these girls, they are always an inspiration!!

I have a BIT of Lace,,,,and a FEW Ribbons,,,,and Pearls......okay I have TONS

More laces and trims in this funky little 50's padded dresser.....

Love anything that Sparkles,,,,,,,,

Or,,,,did I mention Flowers???

And Paper??? Some of my Paper Flowers......and themed boxes?

I have a LOT of Vintage Supplies I've gathered to work with,,,,,,,,Here are just a FEW!

Just a small stash of my Vintage Cotton spun Birds..I use these a LOT in art projects!

And Cigar and Jewelry boxes full of Vintage Bits and Bobs......

The Big Gold one was my moms! Great for Storage and for taking to classes with various "Bits and bobs!"

Oh Yeah,,,,,and did I mention Vintage Paper? Postcards, Dresden, Old photos.......

This was my Mom's suitcase she use when she left home-the Family Farm in 1936 and
headed to San Francisco.......Love it!

And finally,,,,,,,This old Wicker Trunk, It came over from Germany with my Family in 1929,,,,,,It's got a few sags,,,,but I LOVE IT So! I've filled it full of Old Lace, Linens and embroidered pieces........

Thanks for Stopping by! If you leave (or have already left a comment) I will enter you to win your choice of a custom themed Ballerina Box OR a "Flamingo Themed" Box (example on my left side bar,,,,in your choice of Colors! I will draw a winner on August 1st. I hope you have fun visiting the other "Virtual Studios!"

Thank you SO much for stopping by,,,I hope you enjoyed your Visit! I'll post a few more random images on my Pinterest Board, Where Shell Creates if you'd like to see more! Have Fun! Thanks again Karen for putting this all together!

Hugs and a "Create" Bus on the Cheek!


  1. Such pretties to admire in your wonderful space!! Thanks for letting us have a peek inside your creative space!

    I have a new little creative space for me thanks to all the years of visiting all those wonderful Where Women Create parties- would love for you to come by for a wee visit!

    bee blessed

  2. Lots of eye candy in your creative space! Enjoyed the tour.

  3. Oh Shell-- your "basement" is a treasure trove of vintage loveliness!! I can't believe you have such a stash of exquisite collections--- the suitcase full of flowers is amazing. I'd love to photograph that!! No wonder your creations are so gorgeous- you have a virtual flea market at your fingertips!!
    I knew you would have all this!!! It's so YOU--- I'd love to spend an afternoon looking through your treasures!!!

    I think you are very blessed- to have such great talent and to have such a wonderful place full of inspiration!


  4. What a fun tour! Just wish I could be there in person. That would be even more fun. Have a sweet rest of the weekend.

  5. my house is 98 years old... i love your creative space.. looks so warm and inspiring...

  6. So many beautiful things to look at! Lovely space.

    Thanks for sharing it.


  7. Can't say I have ever seen a more lovely basement, love your creative space.
    I specially love that large wooden storage unit, wish I could run across one of those.
    Thanks for sharing your space and all your lovelies.

  8. Awesome creative Space ♥

  9. Shell your room is awesome!! I am in total envy of that mail sorter you have too!!! Thank you so much for giving us all a tour!!!

  10. Fabulous treasures in your space. Sew much inspiration surrounds you. Thank you for sharing. Blissful...

  11. A beautiful all the vintage goodness......thanks for sharing!

  12. I love all your vintage collections. So wonderful for inspiration.

  13. Very impressive!!! So neat and clean!! You have some "Good Stuff"
    Kathy and Kris

  14. Great space! LOVE the trunk full of lace! You have so many wonderful goodies.

  15. Great space! I love all things vintage as well! Enjoyed the tour, thank you ♥ ஆєℓєηα

  16. WOW - what a wonderful space you have. I just love everything I saw ... you're so fortunate!

  17. Love your creative space, Shell! You've got so much loveliness in here. I go for a neutral color in my room, too, but there are also pops of color here and there {mostly pink}. I love how you use the suitcases to hold your things and keep most of them open so you can see what's in them. That is an amazing collection of vintage flowers! Thanks so much for the tour!

  18. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous! My style 100%. Thanks for inspiring!

  19. What an absolutely fabulous space to create! I am so envious of your old dress forms, your doll heads (even though I don't work with dolls), and your exquisite flower displays. Please sign me up for your drawing; I would love a pink ballerina!

    Best wishes,

  20. Shell-- I'm back for another look around- this time enlarging every photo so that I can try to take it all in---

    I hardly know where to start-- the vintage millinery is to die for -- I love that stuff too- I've never seen a stash like yours and I want to pilfer in it- taking the time to "love" every piece.

    The turquoise treasures are so lovely!! And that pink vintage seeing basket- it is just beautiful. The ladies are dressed so wonderfully in your vintage beads and lace-- and your collections of lace and "bling" are incredible!!

    Your Mother's typewriter is a treasure above all else and looks just right sitting here in your beautiful space.
    Oh Shell- and those flowers- I just can't stop going on about them- that photo is fabulous!

    And the wallpaper--- see I told you- I'm just in total awe of your "stuff"!!

    I hope those "Where Bloggers Create" folks come to your house because this Creative Space needs to be shared with the world!!

    I'm not entering your wonderful giveaway because I've already WON!!! I will say though- that the winner is going to be one happy chick!!

    When I post about my beautiful winnings-- I'm going to " tell on you" for having all of this stuff-- and I'm going to send everyone to this post--- to prove it!!

    I've got a little something for you- right up your alley--- I'll try to get it in the mail this week!

  21. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful studio with us.
    It looks so cosy and everything is handy when you work.
    I partcularly like your doll's heads
    Eva Agnes

  22. The pictures of your studio gave me a sense of calm. I love all the old suitcases and treasures you have acquired and so lovingly displayed. Totally love the atmoshere you created.

  23. So Shell, When can I move in??? This is every artists dream space and so much inspiration around! You've given me some ideas on how to store my flowers! Thanks for the tour hun!
    hugs Lynn

  24. Wonderful space. I loved looking at all your lovelies. Your flower collection is beautiful. I bet some gorgeous things are made in your studio.


  25. I love all your gatherings and the history you gave behind some of the items. Wonderful space to create in....Thank you for sharing! Teresa

  26. Greetings, You are one busy chick. I love your space and love the way your supplies are stored so creative. Hope your having fun. Thanks for stopping over. Kathy

  27. I can see that you have fun in that space...lots of goodies to "play" with....I love your boxes, suitcases and wicker chest...thanks for sharing!

  28. Wow! Your studio brings back lots of memories - the 45s box, the typewriter, the old suitcases. I guess I'm giving away my age. Your studio is wonderful!


  29. TFS your amazing space~ lace and pearls just make me happy~

  30. Love all the vintage goodness here. I am pearl kind of girl too. Thank you for sharing your creative haven.

  31. Hi Shell! Well, I'm so excited to find you! your space is wonderful...and I love pearls and laces and cubbies and bling and pink and well...all the stuff you do!! I'm one of your newest followers now too, so I will be back for more inspiration!
    Blessings, Doni

  32. Hi Shelly, Beautiful blog post! I gave you a little shout-out in my "Where Bloggers Create" post at I sure respect and admire your work. And dang, girl, can you find the bargains or what?! Enjoy the journey.

  33. Your creative space is a delight to behold! I crown you the queen of everything...everything lovely, sparkly, sweet, and deliciously divine! Keep on shining, Denise Cosgrove

  34. Lots of sparkle and glitter - and color.... You have tons and tons of creative juices flowing in your space. Thanks for sharing!


  35. Such a romantic place to create! I adore all of the vintage treasures you have! Thank you for sharing with us!


  36. Oh I truly love your 'Bungalow Bling' and all your other stuff too! I am a new follower.

  37. Replies
    1. Thanks Deb,,I had a little help from a very talented gal I know! (Thank you for the inspiration!)

  38. Wow ! you have a huge collection of almost everything I love. I adore your crowns !!!! How long have you been making cake tippers and crowns ? I have made one Marie Antionette crown in a ceramic piece with white glazes .
    you have inspired me to look at crowns the history etc. thanks Oat Beglin

  39. You create in a magic place indeed. I love your girl friends and the old cabinets.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your comments.

    have a nice creative summer. Blessings and Bonjour de France !


  40. What a beautiful space. It is stuff with all kinds of goodies. How fun it must be to work there.

  41. Oh my, I LOVE your space. It is dainty and delicate and feminine and pretty! I ADORE the dress forms and want to steal them all. I also love how you have such sentimental items, like the typewriter and your mom's suitcase. They add a feeling of warmth and depth to the space. You are lucky to have such a nice place to create in.

    Thank you for sharing it with all of us!

  42. many beautiful and vintage things in your studio. what a treat to visit you and see all of these the flowers, suitcases and lace...just gorgeous!!!

  43. Lordy, lordy... you've got a huge studio filled with fabulous treasures! Love-love and I'm so jealous of those skinny drawers! I want a room full of those!!!! Your one lucky girlie Shell!! big hugs~

  44. Love your creative space. I especially love your storage cabinets! The aqua and white one and the one you store your papers in are just great. I'm a sucker for storage with lots of drawers etc. Thankyou for visiting me too, appreciate it greatly!

  45. OMG--I've gone to vintage heaven! Wow! So much vintage and sparkle. What a treasure trove of goodies you have for your crafting needs.

  46. Oh, I do love your studio, Shell...just full of goodies and those lovely creamy colours! I would so like the paper cabinet you have, and I just adore your various 'girls'. We seem to have a few shared collections from cigar boxes to old suitcases, not to mention a love of reading!

    And of course, your dogs are gorgeous...thanks for stopping by my place...:)

  47. I live the story about massaging your dog! It really does work! I am really behind on visiting. I am running late, because my German Shepherd (shown on my porch) became very ill on Saturday and has been in the vet hospital ever since with hemolytic anemia, he has had 1 blood transfusion so far and is on high-dose Prednisone, Immuran and vincristine. I am tentatively hopeful today. So please send good thoughts to Marley D. I am allowed to visit twice a day, so he gets more massages now than he did before! I loved looking at all your goodies, especially the arrangement with the pink ice cream chair, and your scrapbook cabinet is wonderful. Linda

  48. I mean I love the story - sometimes spellchec don't work!

    1. Linda, I hope you Dear dog Marley is feeling better soon! All our Fur babies are SO much a part of our lives,,,some of us more than others--With all you do,I'm SURE you are worried!

      Hugs and love,

  49. This is a most fanciful workspace. I didn't want the images to come to an end! I loved each time you amended yourself, "I have lots of pearls, okay tons of them!" Your cake toppers are works of art. What a joy it has been to visit this creative space. Elizabeth, Creative Breathing

  50. You have a wonderful space just full of goodness. Love your vintage cabinets and stock piles of laces.I am thinking I could spend a good amount of time, just perusing your wonderful things. Love your dress forms. The diferent shapes always puzzle me. The women who wore those dresses must have been terribly unsuported or uncomfortable? Keep smiling and creating, thanks for sharing your peeps.

  51. Hi Shell, Thank you very much for your cute comment on my studio! I can assure you that I've made a mess again already, LOL.
    Your studio is fabulous! I love that white and turquoise chest of drawers as well as the one you use for your scrapbook papers. Your dressform collection is awesome!!! Gorgeous girls! The trunk of laces ... sigh. I'd love to dig right into it.
    Happy creating :-)!

  52. Love your things .I see so many things I had .Have sister who thought I had too much so I sold .Did you make some of the dress forms?
    Thank You for sharing Laura

  53. Oh wow, what a space, brilliant and I love the neutral tones you have, makes everything stand out so nicely. You have a wonderful selection of vintage pieces, I just love that little blue and white cabinet... And the old vintage trunks, tins and the paper stash (I also love vintage paper). I just have to explore more in your blog and see what you have made.

    Fantastic tour, thank you so much for sharing!!

  54. Shell, as awesome as it ALL is (and it IS!), did you hear my audible "OH!!!" when I came upon your photo of the glass cabinet with white porcelain knobs??? Because I.WANT!!! That would be perfect in my studio. You are lucky I live so far away ;)

    Kidding aside, thank you for the tour of your incredible space! If you'll excuse me, I need to go find something to wipe the drool off my keyboard....

  55. Shell,
    Your studio rocks it!!!! I love it all, your dress forms, your storage, all of it!
    Thanks for sharing it and thanks for visiting me too!

  56. I have just become a follower I found you through Fiona and Twig can't wait to go back through your blog reading as soon as I can.

  57. Hokey Fright! Shell, you sure are organized in that studio of yours! I'm so totally impressed, and you've inspired me to keep on going with my new studio/office. Although my style is a bit different than yours I'm excited to start organizing all of my fun stuff the way you have yours. Thanks for the great inspiration & wishing you well from up here in the (also rainy) north.

  58. Shell, I love your blog and your studio. You are so clever and creative. I also think your studio is like being in a fairytale. Thank you so much for sharing you fantastic studio. I don't have a place to create. I am all over the house. You are inspiration to pull something together. I am a new follower.
    Please visit me but I am not creative like you.

  59. You have an inspirational studio! You are surrounded with all those wonderful vintage treasures. Your work is fantastic and I just love your vintage textiles in that marvelous wicker trunk.
    How wonderful you're having a giveway! Yes, please enter me in your giveaway.
    Thanks so much for the tour!

  60. Love your blog and space.....cleaned up or masterpieces in progress! Mim box storage person too!


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