Monday, July 23, 2012

Party On! (More hats & More blog Visits)

Mondays? I'm always trying to play "Catch up." Catch up around the house, catch up on projects that I don't enjoy and sometimes those that I DO enjoy! I finished some other Birthday hats today and worked on some little Banners that I'll share soon for some of my Cupcake Shop clients and upcoming shows......Here's a couple hats I got done today......

"My Tresor" ,,,My Treasure. I'm all about the Aqua as of late. And I found a box of French Vocabulary cards at a Thrift store for .50 Cents,,,,,fun to make little "Banners/flags" for various projects!

"Folie" Hat

Hmmmmmmm, Blogger isn't letting me add any additional images at the moment, so I'll go "over and post them on Pinterest under my "My Creations Board" if you want to see more........

9An important Sidebar here, I have to give credit to a long time Blog/internet friend Jo Ann of Jo Ann's Holiday Frivolities for the Polka dot idea. She was the Original polka dot gal and while I've used her technique in various projects and give it my own twist,,,,,She was my inspiration!)

I've made a "good dent" in the posts on Karen's "Where Bloggers Create" Links! If you get a few minutes here and there,,,,,,click on the Badge/Link on my sidebar for the Event for some creative space inspiration!!!

Hope your week is starting off well! This old house is suffering some plumbing problems, but the "boys"/my sons are helping me with that! My Golden ate a bunch or Garlic Butter last nite, other than the GAS,,,,,I think he's okay. "Thanks Kodi" for stealing the Garlic Butter of the kitchen counter! If that is as rough as my week goes I'm doin' well!!

Hugs and Love and a "aromatic" (sorry) BUS on the Cheek from all of us!!

PS.....If you didn't visit during my Studio post for the Where Blogger's Create Event OR my last post....You can still leave a comment here for my Giveaway,,,,I'm just sayin'! Just a comment,,,,,nothing else required.


  1. I love your party hat!! I am now following you! Penny

  2. I love your hats soooooooo much!


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