Monday, July 2, 2012

So Saturday? I Stole some Stuff!

Before I went to work on Saturday morning? (And before my world went kind of "haywire), I Stole some Stuff! LOOK!

$5 BUCKS.......from my friends and Whimsical Whites
I'm SURE it was Marked WRONG,,,,,,But I Stole her anyway! Sometimes you take
advantage of Friends,,ya know?

I mean, look at her Vintage Goodness,,,,,,,

Her FUN Aqua and Pink Dress....Tulle, Vintage flowers,,,her Jewelry,,,,,lovely pearls......I'm tellin' you, I STOLE her!

Then? I found this wonderful Hat! I Stole this TOO~

$5 Bucks.......Can you even Stand it!???

My Last Steal was this PILE of Vintage Flowers.....I kid you NOT,,,,,The Vendor next door SAW me "Steal" the hat,,,,and told me he had these Flowers for me to Steal!!!

Ackkkkkkkkk! This was my friend Mark Craven's Tailgate Antique Show, here in Snohomish. I got to spend/Steal an hour there on Saturday morning before I headed in to work at Joyworks. (And again before my world kind of fell apart!)

The Vendors were GREAT! The prices were AWESOME.....and albeit a BIT Soggy,,,,a Fantastic Event! If you don't yet follow my wonderfully creative, loving and talented friends Kathy and Kris at Whimsical Whites on Facebook OR their blog (listed above),,,,you Should! And if you're local, "Like" Craven Farms on Facebook to see what's coming up!

Happy Monday! I kept Busy, helped keep me from thinking about my Tuxie kitty. Thank you ALL for your comments on my Blog and on FB.......Your kindness and concern mean the world. I'll update on Mary tomorrow. She was supposed to get out of the Hospital today....I'm giving my Bro a Break.......

Hugs, Love and "Stealin'" a "Bus" on the Cheek!

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  1. Yep--- you stole every one of those treasures!!! The doll is beautiful and so are the hat and flowers!!

    My packages arrived yesterday and I'm thrilled beyond words with all of my gifts! The little bird box is fabulous-- and So are all the other treasures that you included!!

    I've already taken some photos so that I can share with all my friends in just a bit---
    Love you



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