Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sizzlin' Saturday! Birthday Swap Box from Jan and Blog friends.

You Know it's July in Joyworks when you start pricing Christmas!Seriously? we get our largest Shipments in the Store for Christmas right about in between Customers, we're pricing Ornaments, trees, the likes. We get covered in Glitter when it's 80 degrees out! It's just what we "Do, to get Christmas ready for YOU!"

But anyway, Friday when I got home from the Garage and Estate Sales, I had a package from Essex in England! I knew it was from my Birthday Swap Partner Jan, and it was SO fun to open and check out what she created and sent me!

We did a "Birthday" Matchbox Swap Coordinated by the awesome Heather of "Speckled Egg" Blog fame...
I haven't done a Swap in several years, but jumped on board for this one! I just LOVE what Heather Does/Sells/Creates! And I had GREAT swap partners!

Cute Fairy Box! Too fun!

And all these wonderful goodies!

Love these cute Birdies!

all sorts of fun Bits n Bobs!

And a great Card,,,,Love this image!Thanks Jan!
My link button isn't working, so hope this shows up! If not Google JansartJunk and I'm sure she'll pop up!

Here's the two boxes I made......

A Paris Box for Marian

And here's Jan's Harlequin Box.......

I forgot to take images of the goodies I sent,,,,but Jan posted mine on her blog too!
I'll put a link up for all the other Swaps when Heather does!

Have a GREAT Sunday! (My allergies are CRAZY today!)

Hugs love and a "Air Bus" since I'm kinda sneezy!

And Jan sent me the Cutest stuff!


  1. When is your birthday? Your swap box looks so fun! I'm a July birthday girl, too!
    Hugs and good wishes!

  2. Thanks again for a Fun swap Shell!!
    Jan x

  3. Oh my gosh--- that ballerina is fabulous---- nobody does bling like you!!!


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