Friday, July 6, 2012

Fun Friday Finds!

If you're not local, and haven't been keeping your eye on the Washington State Weather,,,Let me tell you, it has been WET! Our Summer started on the 4th,,,literally. We finally have Sun and Honestly? I don't think Anyone appreciates SUN more than those of us in the Pacific Northwest! And with all the "Jungle" I should have dug through,,Friday and SUN? Shell went Junkin'! To my credit, I DID come home and work in the Garden and on the sitting porch,,,,,,But here's what I found!!!

(The Hat/Lingerie Box below was a GREAT find at M&M Antiques in Monroe yesterday,,,,$15 Bucks)

The Clock,,,,,FREE (Works great, has a small chip, but I'm thinkin' add a little porcelain Italian Angel I have)
Cigar Box Free...
Pearls,,,2 Bucks
Salt Shakers (For Glitter in my Studio) .25 cents ea.
Ceramic Swan,,,,Japanese sticker,,,,,.25 cents.
White ceramic shoe...10 cents.
Vintage Tin......25 cents.

Really old Doll head.....spendy at $5!
(My sons hate these,,,,,tough guys that they are!)

Old wood jewelry box.......$.50 Cents

And a couple of Vintage Embroidered Linens......50 Cents Each.....

When I got home, I had a Package from England! From Jan at JansartJunk We did a Birthday Box Swap also.....I'll save her Creation and goodies for tomorrow! Too Fun!

Hope you've had a good week...I'll be at Joyworks this weekend, as is the usual! We've got Tons of fun new Decor and great Clothing! It's a perfect weekend to come and Visit Snohomish!

Hugs, Love and a "Sunny" Bus at last!


  1. Super finds! It's funny about the doll head. I visited a store in MD a couple years ago and they had two shelves decorated with these heads wearing tiaras. The owner told me the women loved them, but the men either just didn't get it or were completely spooked!
    Tomorrow's supposed to be 100 here in PA. No sun sounds really nice right about now!

    1. Ackkkk! So sorry so hot, Jill! I'm going to be warm tomorrow,,,,,and it's only going to be 80ish!

      Men and Doll heads,,,,,Its Funny!/Fun!

  2. Fun finds...the doll head is a tad scary! Not something I would pick up...LOVE the hatbox!
    HOT & HUMID here!

    1. Doll heads are certainly a topic of conversation! I love them,,,because they came from Well loved dolls,,or from former Doll creators.......There is a History there,,,,I always try and HONOR that history in Art/Design and displays!

  3. Wow what a haul! Y'all have such good prices out there. Can you see me drooling? LOL


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