Thursday, July 5, 2012

Paper, Paper, Paper and Mary Update!

Am I the only one who felt like today was a Monday? It was a GREAT day though.....Gardening (Finally Sun here in Washington State!) a Bit of Antiquing and Visiting friends at "M&M Antiques" in Monroe.....Some paper crafting and just now a Phone Visit with my "Mary Girl." More on THAT in a minute.....

Paper Roses and Pom Pom's today........

Star Garlands............

Just got off the Phone with my SIL Mary, She's doing well..Home, Cancerous Kidney Gone. Reading and "Putzing," One day at a time.....Hope you are ALL doing well,,,,and keep things in perspective...........l

Hugs, Love and a Thankful "Bus"


  1. Prayers continue for your sweet Mary----

    I love love love the paper roses and the star garland--- they are both fabulous!!

    Thanks for sharing my good news ( my magazine feature!!) with all of your friends!! Love you bunches!


  2. I'm sorry to have missed your garage sale; happy there will be another one. I went to a few garage sales today in Marysville. I found a all wood(heavy) bookcase,40.00 got it for 10. 2 crocheted pillows(the outer covers) in lavender color, 3.00, and my favorite find? TV trays, tin old they reminded me of my grandma and the owner stated he thought they were his mother's or grandmother's.. 20.00 I went easy on him and gave him $10. I love my TV trays. Love to you Shelly. xoxo carla marie


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