Friday, July 20, 2012

HA! My REAL Studio......One week later

Okay, so really? A week later THIS is what my Studio looked like when I shut off the lights a few minutes ago.............If you missed my Where Bloggers Create Post from Karen's event you can scroll down to the the last post. But this is more realistic!
Raise your hand if you relate!

This is what my desk REALLY looks like when I'm in the middle of something....Right now it's Birthday hat orders...

I make Hats for a couple of Cupcake Shops......

Have the "Bones" done for about 12 more, so they'll go together more quickly. My biggest problem is that I never like to make two of anything identical, so I pull out a bit of THIS and a bit of THAT...........Hence the Chaotic work table!

Last Friday before i shot my pics for Karen's Event (Nothing like waiting till the LAST minute!) we had a Garage sale HERE,,,,,my neighbor gave me these cute little Vintage Ceramic Poodles....Which ended up on a Box........

It was a no brainer WHAT to do today,,,,,it's cool and WET here again! We had HUGE Thunderstorms all night long! Tomorrow is my little town's Summer Festival,,,Kla-Hiya Days,,,,,and it's not looking too promising weather wise! (This is SUPPOSED to be our driest weekend of the YEAR!)

I'll be at Joyworks working all weekend. Always fun to see whats NEW in the store! Have a GREAT weekend whatever you do, wherever you are. Special thoughts and prayers for the Families and loved ones in Colorado and I SO WISH I could wave my Magic Wand and send all our rain to those of you that are SO DRY and Hot!

Hugs Love and a "REAL" Bus!

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  1. I'm raising my hand! I haven't had time to mess mine up real bad yet- wish I did as I love playing in my space!!

    Your painted head displaying one of the adorable hats you make is wonderful! Did you paint her? Was wondering it this was one of those Styrofoam ones that you somehow did your magic on.

    1. I Wish I could take credit for "Marla." I bought her 3-4 years ago on Etsy,,I think the Vendor's site was "Dumpster Diva's"

      She's been fun to use for photo ops/displays,,although she IS a bit temperamental. I'm just sayin'


  2. I had to laugh out loud when I seen this post.. cause it is so very true at my house too.... and i love love love the lil party hats too... very pretty

  3. I LOVE your party hats! And I love to see that you're a "real" artist--as in "really messy" like the rest of us! haha Keep on creating those beautiful treasures and thanks for the giveaway!

  4. That's me--- guilty-- I already messed my room up too!!! Love the birthday hats--/ they are too cute for words! Great pictures too!!

  5. I'm raising my hand. LOL. My studios is aways a mess when I create!
    What darling hats Shell!
    Makes me want to have a party just to wear one!
    hugs Lynn


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