Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wow!! I'd truly forgotten about HER and her success and ambitions until I saw one of my son's friends post this quote on Pinterest today...and that makes me Sad, because I'd kind of forgotten about her,,,,but also fills me with gratitude, hope and Inspiration for the new year!!! Because,,,,yes, she WAS an Amazing Woman!

I worked for Estee' Lauder back in the late 80's. At the highest Volume Cosmetic counter on the West Coast.......The Lauder Counter at Bellevue Nordstrom. We were the first Cosmetic "Counter" on the West Coast to reach a Million Dollars....And we all worked SO hard to reach that goal!!When we were overly tired or frustated,,,,,,we'd hum or sing....Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York." And we'd push ourselves just a BIT harder.......I worked with some fantastic, hard working, women. And  a few fun loving ones that I got in "trouble" with from time to time for laughing/playing with too much. Including my dear friend Celia, that would arrive for work at the last minute ,,,,,crouching down and throwing on Foundation/Blush, Eyeliner and lipstick,,,,,,,and we all waited to here what had kept her. Ah! The Stories and the laughs and we all covered for her!! They were the best of times.....And yet we worked SO hard and the promise they had made us all faded away..........

We were SUPPOSED to go to New York and meet HER and tour the Lauder Facility....-that is what they promised us if we made our Million dollar goal......But instead, her son Leonard came out to see all of us. To say that was a disappointment is to put it mildly.  We all worked SO hard to reach that Million Dollar Goal..........

That was the same year she put out the book about her life. At the time? I didn't really "Get it" or appreciate it.-especially after they told us we weren't going to New York...after all, my own Family had been successful, growing from nothing. And I was just happy back then to work for a great "Young" (Nordstrom) Company for a great Cosmetic (Estee') Company.

But I can NOW fully understand how sucessfull the woman was and how HARD she worked to form her Bazillion dollar company. One product. In a suitcase,,,her "Youth Dew." Donned as a perfume AND a bath oil. And it pretty much all started from THERE........

An Amazing Woman,,,,,,with a Vision and ONE product. Not backers. No TV, no "Shark Tank," No Etsy, Facebook or Ebay. 

Just ONE woman with a product and a Vision.............
Love that!

Happy New Year..........I don't want to be Estee', I don't even want to be either RICH or Famous.......But I hope I leave a mark on this world, in some little way.....
And, I hope she can remind us that anything is Possible........Reach for your Dreams!

Hugs, Love and Hopefully a "Bus" of Inspiration!!

(My Valentine Swap is posted Below. Pls leave a comment there if you'd like to take part!)

Hugs, Happy New Year and my Best to all of you for ALL your Dreams, Ambitions and Wishes!!


  1. Love the quote. I'm already thinking about the Valentine fun to come.

  2. Wonderful story and I intend to participate when my spiraling world settles just a bit!

  3. Makes me think of my grandmother who was so lovely and always impeccably dressed and coiffed. She always wore Youth Dew and we could smell her coming!


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