Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy Monday Sweethearts!!

This is a "re-print",that I embellished of a Vintage Card I found at an antique store.. How cute is she? She's from the 30-40's but has a rather "Mary Engelbreit" look" with her colors.

More than likely, you already know, but if you find Antique or Vintage cards with no Copyright printed on them, and you purchase them,,,,,they are YOURS, to copy/use/alter, etc. Love using these older images in artwork or,,,,,as in this case, they can just "Stand" alone. (I put and easel on the back.)

Here's a Victorian Cupid that you may want to Copy and Print and use,,,,,Classic Valentine material!

As I have been getting a lot of weird comments in the last weeks, I added a word verification on my Blog for a while. I know they can be a pain, but hopefully, it'll keep all those "other" Crazies" away!! Sorry and thanks for your patience in advanced. Hopefully I'll get to the bottom of the problem and be able to get rid of it again!!

Have a Wonderful Week!

Hugs, Love and Bus from Me AND Cupid!!

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