Friday, January 4, 2013

Updates.....Swap and Class.........

Okay,,,,,,,My mind sometimes goes a BIT off Track, and with the New year I guess a bit more so! So?
A couple of Updates/Info.......

Valentine Swap?
I was asked for more concise info,,,,,

Swap item(s) Should consist of:
Something Handmade or Crafted (Cookies/Card/Jewelry, candy box, etc.)
A Romantic Book
Romantic Craft Supplies
Candy/Straws/papers, etc.

All Items should fit into a Cigar Box Sized package.

I will assign Swap partners by Jan 9th
I will give you your Partners Email and Website/Blog info so you can chat, ask questions and hopefully send them something you think they would like! I'd get packages in the mail by the 30th......

Take pictures of your Swaps. Email me at and I will share them on Valentines Day!So far I have 10 ladies.....Share if you'd like, or if the swap is small, it will still be FUN!!

My other Update is for my Classes at Bountiful Home here in Edmonds, WA. I will be teaching a class on "Vintage Inspired" Valentine Boxes, A Heart Garland, "Sewn Paper techniques" and Crepe paper Flowers. If you are local and interested, the Classes will be held on January 26th at 10:00am/1pm and 3pm. Register and Prepay for Class at Bountiful Home Ph. 425-775-3800. $25 per person. All supplies and equipment included.

I will also have lots of Vintage Romantic Supplies and items on sale the day of the Classes! (Laces/Ribbons/Papers/Lingerie, Jewelry Boxes and more.)

I'm also looking toward Spring and will more than likely be doing a Paper Clay Bird Class locally. I would love your input and Comments on Kits/tutorials for a Craft project. Have you purchased? What was your experience? Did the kit/tutorial meet your expectations? Let me know! Perhaps in addition to a Class, I will make kits available.

I hope you had a good week! I pretty much feel like I was tying up a lot of lose ends,,,,,,,and starting up NEW things for the New year!! I hope you are staying healthy!! I'm hoping what I had in late Nov/Dec WAS the Flu and I'm done with it all!! Prayers going out to those that are Sick right now and hopefully YOU/We will stay healthy in the days ahead!!

Hugs, Love and a "Romantic Bus!" (No, not in a wierd way,,,,,LOL)

Email me or leave me a Comment if you have any questions on the SWAP, the Class, or input on a Spring Bird kit!!


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  2. I'd love to take your class! Thinking about my swap package and Valentine's Day!

  3. have a great class! happy 2013 friend <3

    1. Love you Deb!! Lunch and/or Junkin' Soon!!


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