Friday, January 25, 2013

Quite a Week! The Good, Bad, and Expensive!!

Hope you all have been having a good week!! Mine has been a bit of Highs and Lows! Lows? My Computer Mouse died first so I have to use the pad on my laptop solely, which I think is a pain in the behind! Lows, Because my TV died. I only have sound. And I contacted my provider and it IS my TV, not their box/service.......ackkk! And Lows, because I have a headcold!! No, not as sick as I was in November/December for 3 Stinkin' weeks,,,,,,,but a Snothead, nonetheless!!

I set up today for a class I'm doing tomorrow at my friend Todd's Store-Bountiful Home just north of Seattle.

And Then, we had friends from California stop by,,,,,,Trino from Artelier de Campagne, and his friend Martin and we all had a long lunch full of laughter and stories.......

(Martin left, Linda , Todd and Trino) Fabulous lunch, sunshine and friends,,,,,life doesn't get much better!!)

Then some gal offered to grab my camera and include me!!  Did I ever mention I take really awful pics??

She LOOKED at the image/photo she took,,,,,,,,"Oh yeah, looks Great!" I don't really care, because I had a great time at lunch,,,,,,but seriously?? I take the WORST photos Ever!! (Martin took one of me with Trino with his Fancy big Cannon,,,,,,,I can only HOPE if it surfaces I look a bit better!!

No matter!! Looking forward to a Full Class tomorrow,,,,,okay "Over-filled." But we should have a blast!!

Will Share photos of the Classes soon!! Have a great weekend! This Snothead is going to bed SOON!!

(If you've read this far, special prayers please for my Mary girl, who is going to have a body scan for her Cancer soon. Prayers for beautiful, kind young Meaghan, who has been put on bedrest  for 6 wks for her pregnancy. And Prayers for my sweet/kind renter Ellen-She went in for a knee replacement and had a pacemaker put in unexpectedly yesterday!!)

Love you ALL,,,,,,catch up on Swaps Monday!!

Hugs, Love and a "heartfelt" Bus!

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