Saturday, January 12, 2013

Weird comments

If you look at my last post,,,,you can see that I am getting weird comments! I have deleted several in the last week, but I am leaving these until I Contact Blogger and find out where the heck they are coming from!!

I have not had any problems with my email,,,,so, until this is resolved, please post any comments to my Email Account OR you can "Friend Request" me on FB at Shelly Rollins and leave a msg there.

Not sure HOW my Blog got targeted for all these obscure comments.....When I find out HOW/Where/WHO,,,,,,I'll SHARE!!

Hopefully, it'll be addressed and fixed soon!!



  1. I think they are just spammers maybe you need to add verification for awhile ?

  2. I got my first weird one today and noticed someone else got a weird one. Wonder what is going on.


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