Sunday, January 27, 2013

It's all fun and Games till Momma Breaks the Chair! (My Valentine Class in Review)

Hi! Hope you all had a good Weekend! Mine was wonderful, fun-filled, creative and inspiration central..except for one little thing!

This is me, about an hour or so into teaching my  first Valentine Class of the day. (My dear friend Todd, the Proprietor of Bountiful Home, where we had the event took this pic.)

And then about a half an hour later, the stool I was sitting on kind of disintegrated! One minute I was upright and the next I was on my Butt! If I recall, I just kind of sat on the floor for a minute laughing, in a bit of pain, and kind of checking body parts for breakage! No prob,,,,,,lots of "padding" on this 50ish Bod!

To say I bonded with the first group of students is an understatement. "They saw me at my "lowest" ,,sprawled on the floor!

"Do you need and Advil?" "Do you need a break?" Nahhhhh, we just kept going!! Here's a pic of my first group! (It was still a bit chilly when we were working, hence the coats!)

They were all such a Joy! Such Lovely ladies!!

This class was a bit different in the sense that I brought tons of different supplies,,,,Papers/Ribbons/Crepe papers/Millenery/paints and glitters and taught different techniques,,,,,,but not a specific end result......

So the colors, the box sizes and shapes, materials were different for everyone in all 3 sessions. It was truly a case of "Work with what you love" and techniques you've learned and create your own pieces!

Some painted, some glued, some ruffled and some glittered in each of the 3 classes! So fun to see each Unique creation!

And Then,,,,,,there was my Mid-day class!!

This fun loving Gal, Susie,  Co- Hosted my class in November in her home, where we made Paperclay Snowmen! Too fun! And 4 of the gals from that class were back for MORE Creative Chaos!!

(Susie and Rhonda- Co-hosts of  my Snowman class in Nov. )

The Mid-day class consisted of these two and two dear and lovely friends in the Nov. Class! Love these gals! And,,,,My blog/Facebook friend Pat Tulip joined us!!  Always fun to meet an Internet friend face to face!! Pat was a "trooper," new to this spunky group! And I think she had fun learning new things,,,,,,as creating Jewelry is her forte!

Love these ladies!! So Pretty- (inside AND OUT), fun, and creative!! You Rock!!

By  my last class, I was hoping between the head cold and my earlier fall, that I'd be all that they hoped for!! My largest group of the day,,,,,,But I hope they had as much fun as I did!! They were great,,,,,and I had a "surprise" in that one of my "patrons" and lovely Customers from Joyworks did not know that I was the one teaching the Class! These ladies were amazing,,,,,,in the creativity, the fun and the Help at the end of the Class. Thanks to all and especially the sweet Lin,,,,,,,who wanted to take me home, feed me and give me supplies! (I needed to get home to the Fur Babies!)

Four of the six of my last session,,,,two of the ladies opted out on photos.(FBI most wanted? Just kidding!) Lovely group! Thank you ALL for coming!! (Lin, Center back row,,,,She is an Angel!)

It was a great day, even WITH Shell spread out on the Carpet!  And special Thanks to my dear friend Todd from Bountiful Home for Hosting me!  More classes ahead,,,,,and I'll be doing a Spring KIT with supplies and instructions if you aren't local!!

Okay,,,,,,I'm super Achy Today,,,,,,,the "Bus" that hit me arrived this morning!! But it was a great day at Joyworks, which helped me forget the aches!

Hugs, Love and a "New Week"  Bus on the Cheek!


  1. Oh, I wish you lived near me so I could take a class.

    By the way, I am mad at you. I signed up for Bungalow Bling and I am in love with the item I made for Amy. I don't want to sent it to her. Oh, well, I guess I have to make myself one too. And, I shouldn't be mad at you because if I had not signed up for BB then I wouldn't have racked my brain for a new idea and I would not have made what I made.

    I have the photos ready to do a post about the 2 swaps I participated in after I know the items have arrived and I have my items.

  2. Can't wait to see!! Will send an email tomorrow to all!! LOL Shell


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