Friday, February 8, 2013

New Perspectives

Where did this week GO?? I have been so busy with new orders, extra  (shop) work hours, Chamber of Commerce business (Easter Parade in the works again- year 4) and New Classes already booked and other in the works!

I have discovered this last year, that I REALLY like teaching classes. I don't have any formal training, and I don't claim to know it all,,,I learn as I go. I make something I enjoy, and I want to share how I did it! I've been blessed to have some great private venues and my friend Todd, at Bountiful Home has been SO generous to allow me to have classes at his Store. Too Fun! 

As many of you KNOW, you can spend HOURS and at times even Days, creating one item. As much as I love that, I am at a time in my life that I either need to get:
A)  A "real" full time job again.
B) Find a life partner. (HA!)
or C) Create what I love and find a way that allows me to continue doing that, and yet making more than minimum wage.

The classes have been great! If I make one or two or six of something but teach a dozen or so more how to do the same....I actually make a profit! Albeit small. Nonetheless,,,,,I'm making and doing what I love,,,,,,it's all a learning and growing process!!

I have a couple of other Private Classes (one full to the brim and one still filling up) in March. We'll be making Paper Clay Birds, Chicks and Ducklings, as well as decoupage eggs and some crepe flowers.  

Then, in April, I will have my first Evening Class here in Snohomish! The class will be Thursday, April 11th, at Bee Bops & Lollipops on 1st Street.  For this first Class, we will be making Ribbon and Lace flowers and "French Cuffs." But stay tuned,,,,we're going to be having MORE!! I'm excited about this Venue, where I can have up to 20 Students. Nancy's shop is great, and I think we're going to be a good match for a lot of upcoming Classes/Workshops!

First Class will be: Ribbon and Lace Roses and French Cuffs

Ribbon and lace Roses 
(These are pins,,,,,but you will learn how to place them on Headbands,  Hairclips, Necklaces and more.)

French Inspired Lace Cuffs

I'll have Tons of Lace and embellishments to create your project...

(Back of Cuff)

The cost of this Class is $25 per person.  All Supplies and equipment will be supplied. You can register at Bee Bops & Lollipops (360-568-2333).

More classes to follow! And If anyone has any insight as to creating Video Tutorials, let me know. I'm going to chat with my son's friends to see if I can get some help with that!! Thanks to all of you for your support, enthusiasm and encouragement.......It feels like that right direction!!

Have a great weekend!! Stay safe and warm if you are on the East Coast!!

Hugs, Love and a "Classy" Bus!


  1. Ooooh, your classes sound like fun! I've decided my next girly trip will be to a crafty-type class somewhere!! The cuffs are beautiful, as is your whole blog! Cheers, Catherine

    1. I am currently working w/my Son's dear friends to learn how to do Videos and supply kits!! It's going to take a while, but hopefully, I'll be able to share some "How To's Soon!!

      As mentioned, I'm starting some local Classes and Snohomish is a GREAT place to Visit!! More to come~


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