Friday, February 22, 2013

Busy Week! Two days to go!

Thank you all for your support and encouragement! It truly means a lot!!  I have been So busy working, I haven't had a chance to dwell much on personal problems, which I guess is a good thing.

I've been working at another Shop, filling in and extra time at Joyworks because the gals have been in Vegas on a buying trip for the store. (Trust me, I used to "buy" clothing for Nordstrom, it all sounds like fun and games until you spend days and days 12 hours long doing it. )

I did manage to do a bit of stitching while I was filling in at the other to do some beading...

 French Cuff with Vintage Millinery, lace, tulle, crystals and pearls..........

Two more days and I'll finally have some time off from Work-BUT then I'll need to catch up on other things-like sending some late packages, getting ready for a couple of classes. (Which includes working with my son's BFF's to helping me learn to do Video's or having THEM do it, so I can put some KITS together with Video instructions) And <sigh> once again the Easter Parade that I volunteer HOURS and HOURS every year.........

So? What have YOU been up to?

Reality is, 

I/We are in a holding pattern with my Sis-in law Mary's Cancer. Her tumor is "stable." Which means it hasn't grown, but it hasn't shrunk. I hold my breath every week and say my prayers and give gratitude.  Gratitude that I get to talk to her, try and make her laugh, forget, and let her KNOW in any and EVERY way that I can, how much I love her!

What I didn't share, is that my oldest is sick. He has lost weight, a LOT of weight. Can't eat most food, is passing Blood, and refuses to go to the Doctor. And he says "it doesn't matter." He has no Faith and has no direction.  When I asked if he prayed about it, he said , "To Who, to What? There is nothing." When I suggest anything he gets angry and mean. I KNOW it's fear driven and try not to take it personally.  He's gone "off" to do whatever, so no further communication at this time. Worry? Yes. Frustration? Sadness and Fear.  Trust me, I'm well familiar with the phrase, "Let Go, Let God." I don't know what else TO do.

So, for now, I stay busy with work, and my "to DO" list after work. If you've read this far, thank you for your "ear." I guess "Busy is GOOD!"  So I'll just continue on that path and do what I CAN.

Be Healthy, Be Happy-or so busy that you can't think about the problems!

Hugs Love and a "Busy/Crazy/Frustrated "Bus" on the Cheek,"


  1. Shelly.. I have my prayers with you and sent my angels to help as needed.. I love your little cuff.. and hope you get more time to do the things you love.. big hugs.

  2. HiShell, I'm sending healing thoughts to both your SIL and son. I'm sorry you've had to take on these burdens, but your faith is strong and must give you support. Take care Shell, and remember you have friends all over the world who are thinking of you and your family and sending Blessings your way

  3. Good to hear Mary is holding. Praise God. Your son, I didn't know he was sick, I am sending double prayers and strength for you. <<<<>>>>>


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