Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I wish I had pretty things to show and share. I wish I could say that after my last post on Saturday, that things were better or easier. Those of you that follow me KNOW that even in the darkest of hours I am a "Glass half Full" kind of gal. A Polyanna, a idealist, and yes a survivor. 

I had a huge loss on Sunday, a grief too deep and personal to share. And I had another huge Blow from a loved one the same day.

I will NOT give up, or give in. I will take each day and live it with strength and hope and when the burden is too heavy, I give it to God. 

All too familiar with the expression, "I know God will not give me more than I can handle." And I think HE knows when I say, I cannot handle this and He does step in. Right now, I DO have more on my plate than I can handle, but I know HE is giving me the ability to cope, function and believe that "THIS TOO Shall Pass."

I hope and pray that these adversities will lead me to be more kind, more understanding, more forgiving and yes, even MORE Joyful, because I will appreciate the important times!

May you hold those you love a bit tighter, a bit closer, tell them you love them, appreciate them and share memories. All that little crap we think and worry about? It is NOTHING!! Let it go. Live/Love/Give/Forgive.

My Love and appreciation for you ALL! (Be patient with me for a while, I'm a bit broken)


  1. I stand in prayer for you Shell and may Father God hold you tightly against His loving heart as you go through these hard places. And you shall go through as you are not just a survivor, but more than a conqueror with Jesus Christ our Lord!

  2. Hi Shell, I'm so sorry to hear of your sadness. Please remember you are not alone. I am lighting a candle, and sending soul calming thoughts to you Blessings Lesley

  3. My dear I am sorry you are feeling so sad. This too shall pass......keeping you in prayer and love and light. xxx

  4. Hello Shell,
    We do not know eachother, I came by your blog by way of another blog. I am sorry that you are having such a rough time. I always pray for my blogging buddies and I will ad you to my list. Your post was beautiful, though sad. Hope to get to know you better. I have become a follower so that I can pop in often. You have a great blog.


  5. Good morning Shell. Hope the bright day brings you some joy. Your post was so touching, you have the best way with putting thoughts down in words so well. You are in my thoughts and prayers. May God give us all strength through this tough time in our lives.

  6. dear one
    my heart goes out to you. Loss is so personal and can cut one down, no matter how happy they are. You need to take time for YOU and to mend in the way you know is best for you. Prayers are with you


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