Monday, December 31, 2012

Heart Swap!!

Can you all believe it is almost the New Year?? Time passes SO quickly!! I am sure you too are thinking about what you want to Do/Change in your life for the New Year!

I plan on getting rid of a lot of "Stuff" and embracing those things I truly Love!! Getting rid of "emotional baggage," negativity and THINGS in this old house that I don't love. What about YOU? What are you planning for the New Year?? I would love to hear,,,,because we learn from each other!!

But also,,I'm thinking Valentines Day......My Christmas decor is STILL up,,but I'm starting to work on a few things for Valentine's day........I SO loved making these hearts,,,,,,which were on the "Joyworks" Wedding Tree......but work anytime! And I've started working on some other Valentine Goodies,,,,,,,,,,So, How do you feel about a SWAP?

 Would you like to take part in a Valentine Swap??? I think it would be fun!! Just leave a Comment , I'll pair everyone up and we'll swap by the 31st of Jan! It can be a CARD, a TAG, a Heart, A "Sweet Treat", A romantic Book, etc.......let's just "Share the Love." Make up or assemble your creation/package with something YOU would like! (Men don't usually "Get it" right,,,,so FUN to swap with a Gal and get what you Love!)

I found some GREAT ideas on Pinterest from the Simple to the extreme ,,,,If you want to check them out, go to my "I heart you Board"...(Under Shelly Rollins).

Love  to you ALL and lets have a Creative, innovative, inspirational New YEAR!!

Hugs and a "Heartfelt" Bus!

(Just leave a Comment HERE or at my Email address below,  if you want to take part of the swap by January 15th to participate! If your blogger profile does not link to an email for you, please include that in your post,,,OR Email me at with the info,,,I will only share it with your Swap partner!) Take pics of your "Swaps" and we'll share when swaps are complete!!)


  1. Count me in! What a fun thing to look forward to. Wishing you a very happy and healthy new year!

  2. I love your little hearts! I think I need to make hearts of all kinds!!!

  3. I'd love to sign up Shell but I think you should make the criteria more specific than what you wrote about. I think it will make for a better experience for all.

  4. Count me in- I just bought some great letters on sale at Anthropologie to use for Valentine decorations so I am in the mood.

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  6. I'd love to be in your swap. Thanks.

  7. I'd love to be in your swap.
    avennett AT verizon DOT net

  8. I want to play! Please add me to the group! Thanks so much!

  9. Oh, how fun, the very first swap of 2013 and it sounds delightful. I found my way to your page via Carol's Art and Sand. I'd love to join if it's not too late.
    Emailing my info to you.
    Thank you,

  10. Would love to be in the swap! Sounds fun!

  11. I'm interested but how much do I spend and how many things do I send in the package, etc?


    BTW, I'm hosting a birdie swap now too....


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