Monday, December 17, 2012

Cookie Time with my "Bestie!" Tomorrow

No,,,,these aren't MY Cookies,,,,,,they are from a pretty image/Link from L&V Sweets you can find on my "Christmas Treats" Board on Pinterest.......

But Tomorrow??? I get to make Christmas Cookies with my "Bestie!" I'm taking my Camera for sure. She's not from Blogland, she doesn't Craft/Junk, and she posts on FB about twice a year. She wears suits! She works in an office or out of her car most of the time. She's conservative/practical, business centered and FOCUSED!! What in the HECK is she doing with ME???

We both love Family, Animals, Community. Other than that, it's kind of like "Opposites attract." She grounds me,,,,,,,and I think I give her Wings!!!

Looking forward to our "Cookie Time!"

Hugs, Love and a "Sweet" Bus!


  1. My hubby and i are polar opposites and i say the same thing about us....he grounds me and i give him cute! Have fun!
    Hugs! deb

  2. I remember one year I made cookies with my bestie and we ended up with 400 cut and iced cookies - powdered sugar littered the kitchen everywhere - and I don't think we ever did it again LOLOLOL Merry Christmas Shell - may you have the BEST new year. Hugs!

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