Monday, December 10, 2012

Fabulous "Bling" from my Jana Girl, Joy and Thanks!

You know how when you've been sick for awhile,,,,,,okay a LONG while, and you start to feel better,,,,,,and All you want to do is the Simple Things!! Like Tidy the house,  Shave your legs, Put on your face,,,perhaps Even go OUT in Public??? Well, Thankfully that was me yesterday! Although I didn't get to Tidy the house,,,,I went back to work FINALLY at Joyworks!! And as I posted this morning (Yep, two posts today) I got through a day of work and then even rallied to go to the Joyworks Christmas Party!!!

If you missed this morning's post,,,,I'd really recommend that you scroll down to see our "Fantabulous Party!! It was a lovely nite!!!

And although I took pics at the Party,,,,I didn't get to take pictures of the fun handmade Items I kept "Stealing" in our Annual Dice game,,,,,,that Jana made!!!

Eeek!! Love the little charm/pendant, "She loves Joyworks." And the Vintage jewel "Tree" framed on a canvas!!! Their is also a fun Garland that I'll post in a couple of days.....Hey!! I'm waaaaaay behind on the decorating after the Plague!!

Hope to share with you a few more Holiday Vignettes this week! But the basics come/came first!!

I have a lot of Thanks and Joy in my heart today! Nothing else seems to matter when you are sick. But I'm thankful I have such awesome co-workers that covered for me when I was off, and a newfound "JOY" just to feel better!!!

I hope your week is starting well! I have a newfound appreciation for the simple things. Stay healthy!!

Hugs, Love and a Thankful, Joyful "Bus!"

(If you missed the post this morning,,,,,make sure you scroll down,,,,,we had Such a lovely Evening!!)


  1. Oh no Shell, Sorry to hear youve been sick.
    but glad your feeling better now. I just went through it too. wee a couple of weeks ago.
    Just doing some catching up.
    Hugs lynn

  2. love love love the bling tree.. and cannot wait to see your garland... hope you are feeling better....

    I received my lil gift today and I just love it.. thanks so much.. I cannot get a email to go thru to your address....

    Happy Holidays...


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