Friday, December 14, 2012

And the "Lion" lies down with the Lamb

I love this,,,,,because it's a perfect today.

We can all be so different, but we stick together when our World falls apart. 

Prayers to all the Families who lost loved ones this day. Prayers to all the Children and school staff that had to witness this. Prayers to the Emergency teams that pulled bodies out. Prayers to those that had to notify loved ones. Prayers to the extended family of the Shooter, and perhaps they are going to need it MOST dealing with the Rants and Rage of this disturbed young man.

I don't like guns. But I grew up with them, as my family members were all Hunters. I wish they didn't exist, but I don't blame this on the guns.

This young man was Sick. And I'm sure it'll be a long time before we know WHY. I'm more upset that there isn't more help for the mentally ill. Healthcare is a MESS and the mentally ill are greatly affected by this. I am sad for him. Everyone says he was "Evil." Maybe he was, but more than anything,  I think he was just Sick. And maybe IF he had had the right resources, this would NOT have happened.

I hurt for everyone involved. And we are ALL involved!! We need to find out WHY this happened and what we can DO to prevent this in the Future!!!

Hugs to you all,,,,,,and I'm sure today you are hugging those you love just a bit tighter!!



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