Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy "Boxing day! And a box from my friend Donna!!!

I hope you ALL had a lovely Christmas!! Mine was VERY low-key this year, but precious, because I got to spend quite a bit of it with my youngest, Andrew. We had Brunch here,,,,,,and then headed off to see Les Mis. Which was basically ALL I wanted for Christmas.......And we both loved it!!We shared my "Famous Potatoes" which I'll post below, if you want the recipe.

And today? I received a lovely "boxed" gift from my Dear Friend Donna, from Brynnwood Needleworks Blog fame! She and I decided to do a swap for the Holidays,,,,,,,I sent her a "Musically inspired Snowman" and a few other goodies and she send me this Gorgeous Pin Cushion and Bookmark!!

So Awesome and Donna knows me WELL!!! I LOVE to read,,,,,,,Read more than I should, Love to sew,,,,,the Pincushion in the Background is amazing!!! love the ruffled seam binding and the Vintage Button embellishement!!  And I love pink, creme and green!! My favorite colors!!! I've sewn on paper,,,,,but Donna combined paper and fabric on the bookmark!! Fun!

 And nothing like a cozy cup of cocoa while your pursing your other pleasures!!!

But wait,,,,there is MORE!!! These Photo/Card holders will be PERFECT for the Valentine Class I'm teaching next month! I can use them for Sample cards,,,,and later for my own Valentine vignette!

I added a Vintage Christmas Card so you could see how they work!! Lovely!!

Thank you SO much Donna! I love it all!!! I've been single for quite some time now,,,,,but even when I wasn't,,,,,,,always thought that our Female friends "Get it!." They know what we love,,,,,,,,,The gifts don't have to be expensive,,,,,,,and yet they are things that we LOVE to get!~! Thank you!!

Love you all!! I was hoping to send out more gifts to blog friends this year,,,just little things, but being sick this month,,,,,,,,,and trying to catch up, it didn't happend!! Some of you are going to get Surprise little gifts in the weeks and months to follow..............

Happy Boxing Day.......and a Belated Merry Christmas!!.......New Years wishes to follow!!

Oh shoot,,,,,,,,almost forgot my families Fave Potatoes!!! See Below!!

Hugs, love and a Thankful Bus!!

Shell's Family Potatoes

Servings appx 4 (YOU CAN DOUBLE)......HA! My family eats these like Crazy!!

One Bag Cubed Hashbrowns Frozen (Not shredded/cubed)
One half onion diced
2-3 Tablespoons Parsley, Fresh please!
Fresh ground pepper
4ish peeled minced cloves Garlic
One and a half pints Sour Creme ( I know but it's Christmas!)
2-3 cups grated Cheddar Cheese

( I switched my recipe up this year,,,,,so you can Add Chopped Cooked ham or not)
But I added appx 1 1/2 cup Ham this year.

Mix Sour Creme, Garlic, Onion and Parsley and Pepper in a large bowl.
Fold in Potatoes (and Ham if you want. ) Mix well.
Press into a grease 13x9 baking dish or equivalent.

Cover with a  thick layer of Cheddar Cheese.
Bake in a 350 oven for 45 minutes covered. Remove foil and allow cheese to lightly brown.......

Tada!! Hope you enjoy......this has been a family fave for about 18 years.......


  1. You got it!!! I'm dying to see the whole post. I hope you love it.

  2. I SO love it all Donna!! Thank you SO much!!! It's so fun when your friends really "Get you!!" Hugs!!!

  3. PS. You know I'm gonna try these potatoes, right? Grateful for your friendship, Shell.
    Happy New Year!

    1. Love you Donna!! Thank you SO much! And I just hope our friendship continues to Grow and Grow over the years!! Hugs and love to YOU and Handsome, Tag and your whole family!! You are the Best of the Best!!

  4. Donna is a sweetheart. I do love her too.
    Your gift is really beautiful and you will enjoy it for years to come. It is funny how our girl friends know how to put a smile on our faces.
    Thought of you on Christmas day hoping you were enjoying it with your sons. Ours was quiet too except for dancing with the new WI game they got from their Uncle Chad. lol
    As our children get older it seems our holidays are quieter. We only had brunch too but all that mattered is being with my kids.
    Hope the New Year brings you nothing but the best of everything.
    Love to you


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