Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Winner! Class Bags for tomorrow!

Congrats to Dee Dee,,,,,,I will be making a Custom Snowman box just for YOU tomorrow! I could not find your email, but left you a message on your blog, So If you read this or That msg, let me know what colors you would like!!!

 Thank you all for your comments and entering! I wish I had time to make one for Everyone. Some of you may get a little "Somethin' Somethin" from me for the Holidays Anyway,,,,,,Just sayin'!

Putting together Class kits/ Bags today! I'm really looking forward to teaching this Class tomorrow! Hopefully, we'll have some fun pics of their projects!!

Hope your week is going well, I'm still congested but little by little getting my energy back! What a long haul! From what I saw on the news, I think it was the FLU,,with the body aches/fever and major congestion! I'll be heading to the Pharmacy as soon as I feel better for a Flu shot anyway,,,JUST in case! Stay healthy!

Thank you all for Entering. I'm still thinking a Holiday Tag Swap might be fun next week! If you're game, leave a msg. I am NOT a Tag specialist,,,,,,but I think it would be a fun inexpensive thing to make and share......Leave a comment if you are interested.....I'm thinkin' 5 tags/ 5 swaps. Would cost no more than a card to send.......Let me know!

Hugs, Love and a "Busy" Bus!!


  1. Hi Shell

    I left you a email message reply.. I was so excited when I seen your post.. Thanks so much.. you have certainly made my holiday alot brighter... Happy Holidays to you and yours

    sending bug hugs... and big Thanks too!!!

  2. I am game for a holiday tag swap also... :D


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