Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Thing are "Hopping" and a Bit of ADD......Okay a LOT of ADD

I don't know if I'm the only one that ever experiences this......For me, it's prior to a big Show,,,,,but I suppose it could apply to "re-doing" a Room, throwing a party, whatever.... You go into that "Panic/excitement mode" where you run around with your head cut off trying to think about all you WANT to do, all that you SHOULD do.

Christmas would be a good example if you don't "do" Shows. I need something for THIS, something for her, a bit of this, a bit of THAT! And my ADD brain goes a bit NUTS!!

So,,,,I'm "Hopin"

(My Hops are "Hopin" too! Hopefully they'll be ready to Dry and Harvest for the Island Chicks Show!!)

Hope your week is going Well!

Hugs love and a "ADD" Bus on the Cheek!


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