Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lace and Ribbon Jewelry today!

It was nice to finally have a day off to work in the Studio! I worked on some Ribbon and Lace Jewelry,,,,,I love making these pieces but I have a tendency to burn the HECK out of my fingers when the Hot Glue goes THROUGH the materials! Fun though to put all the textures and colors together.

This Lapel pin was my Fave finished piece today,,,,,,I'm fine if it never sells, I'll love wearing it. But I think there is a special customer out there that will love it!

Old "Frozen Charolette" surrounded by Vintage Hot Pink and Gold Millinery, and old Teal Shell Cabachon, bits of Tulle and Bling........I really had fun making this one!

Close up...........

I also made a few Neutral lapel pins with yummy silk ribbons/lace, old pearls and vintage buttons/velvets,,old millinery and trims.....

Cremes, Blacks, Taupes and Laces...a few pearls a few Vintage buttons and a "Touch" of Bling!

Then I made a few pastel pieces....(This Necklace is made of "double twist" ribbon roses of vintage cotton lace and satin Ribbons)......Fun to wind the two together, although a bit tricky initially......

Pastel Necklace......

a BIT hard to see the colors,,,Pink/Aqua and Creme. Great for a smaller person! Adjustable cord.

And this Pastel Pin?

Combo of Old Millinery, Ribbon roses,Vintage tulle, button and a bit of Bling!

I'm still working on another necklace, which is a bit "Over the Top!" Can't wait to share it with you, but again it's going to take a certain person to wear/love it,,,,,Or It'll be MINE!

Happy Thursday! Apparently things are REALLY starting to heat up here in Washington
in the next couple of days! ,,,,,,,86-87! I KNOW I sound like a whiner if you are not from around here,,,but 80 is a HEAT wave,,,,,,,and we get all the nasty humidity and NO AC most places HERE!!

Enjoy the rest of your week!
Hugs, Love and a Creative "Bus" on the Cheek!


  1. Just found your blog, via Common Ground, you make some beautiful things. I especially like the pastel necklace and pin :-)

  2. Your lace and ribbon jewelry pieces are divine. Very creative and beautiful. Summer Sunshine Smiles...


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