Friday, August 10, 2012

Fun Day with Dear Deb and Friday Finds!! (And a Mary Update,,see my PS)

I could look at this picture and say,,"Oh my, I have 3 Chins!!" Well maybe I do, and I should probably work on it more,,,,But look at who I'm with! My Sweet, dear talented friend Deb Bock,,,And look at the VIEW! And look at that SUN! (Trust me, we don't take that Sun for granted around these parts!)Deb's having the busiest time of her year with Weddings,,,,and also working at "M&M Antiques" in Monroe after their move to their fabulous new location and preparing for their Grand opening!

And I don't mean to ......

But we found some fun stuff today,,,,,and had the best of laughs! I always love it when I can spend time with Deb! And today we had the whole day! And between the two of us, we got some awesome stuff!!

My first find were these great "Vocab" Cards.......Love these!

I found a couple of great suitcases,,,,,,and NO, they don't even smell like "Grandma's Basement!"

A perfect condition "tooled leather" purse......

This awesome Tin,,,,,which is also "tooled" or looks like leather over a metal tin,,,I've never seen one like it...Made in Chicago and in great shape!

Some Turquoise hot pads,,,,with creme and gold threads,,,,great shape! 25 cents

Some fun little Whimsical finds that were "Free" with some of my other purchaces......

(A bunch of Vintage Spun Cotton and wooden doll heads....Love these)
and these cute TINY Christmas Candlesticks

Also got a fun old Columbia Record Case (you can see it behind a couple images) a great little side table, and a few other things. ..

All in all, I feel.....

To get to spend a wonderful day with a dear friend! (Thanks Deb!) It was a day I really needed to get away!If you've never checked out Debs beautiful Blog,,,make sure you hop on over to Deb's blog and you can check out M&M Antiques in Monroe, Washington on Facebook!! (The link for Debs blog doesn't seem to be posting and you REALLY should check out this talented Gal, You can find her on The Blogs I follow on my sidebar!

Whatever you do, I hope you have a GREAT weekend! Wow this week went fast!

I'll be back in Joyworks tomorrow,,,,we've got TONS of new stuff, so stop in if you're in the area!!

Hugs, Love and a "Sunny Bus!"

(Right AFTER I posted this, I had a long Convo with my Dear Sister in law Mary. She's doing well! As well as anyone can expect after having part of the spine removed and replaced. After having a KIDNEY removed,,,,,,riddled with Cancer. She's doing Good,,,,so far,,no more Cancer at this point,,,,no further treatments, pain is managed and the drugs are now minimal. She "sounds" like my "Old" Mary. I'm trying to go see her on Wed or Thursday and share books, and laughs and just MAYBE, PLAN on her coming to see my Show at Island Chicks Next month. Please OH Please Dear Lord. If Only for a few hours,,,,,,Let us have some "Normal" Junkin' Show time together!! I miss that SO! I will NEVER, EVER assume that someone I LOVE or care about is going to BE THERE!!) Please keep her in your thoughts and Prayers,,,,,and that we get this Time together and a bit of normalcy!)

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  1. so glad you had a great day and lots of fun finds! and I'm so happy to hear that your sis in law is doing so much better!! xoxo


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