Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lacey Creations..........

Happy Wednesday! Wow, is it really Wednesday already? I've been alternating between Cleaning/purging and organizing and Making a few things.......

If you know me at all, you know I love ALL things Lacy and creamy and Vintage,,,So I've started a few simple creamy scarves, with soft, distressed tulle (the softest I've ever found/seen) and Vintage laces..........

These will wrap around your neck a couple of times and look great with just about anything you're wearing. Also fun with jewelry layered over the top for that "Boho" look. Or,,,,,as My friend/coworker Penny does,,,this type of scarf looks great wrapped around a lamp shade or in one of your home decor vignettes. I'll be making more in the next day or two, some with a pop of color!!

And well, as some well known artist once told me,,,take the Materials you have at hand and use them in differnt ways,,,,,,So?

Lace and tulle white Pumpkin! I think it may still need a distressed creme tag, or something,,,,,Let me know what you think! (I don't really DO the typical Halloween stuff. I Love the creme and the Black, but I could live without the Orange or Scarey!) I had fun layering this one in lace and I have several other "Pumpkins" painted Vintage White, ready to be embellished or glittered!!

Also worked on some "Hat Stands" and started playing with my Hops, I made ONE wreath and then figured I needed different wires. I'll share the wreaths soon,,,,,I forgot to eat and my blood sugar went a bit Nuts, I think.

Hope your week is going well! Trying to get back to Blogging AND visiting/commenting on others! It's been a busy time of year!!

Hugs, Love and a "Lacey" Bus!!


If you read my last post, Please truly THINK about doing some Tags for a Swap for the Holidays! They don't have to be "Over the Top," more just a reflection of who YOU are! You can put your dog on it, a recipe, a snipped of ribbons you like.
Think about it, every year we get Christmas cards that are for the most part impersonal. You can get a WHOLE Box of Tags at the Office Supply store and with a few minutes make it something special...... (More on this soon! I think I know JUST the Gal that can help me show what you can do/make!!) Think about it!!


  1. I love your lace and tulle pumpkin! Hugs,Penny

  2. Gorgeous use for your laces! The pumpkin turned out to be fabulous! I always love your beautiful creations. Thanks for sharing your gifts and inspiration with your friends.

  3. Thanks Girls!! Love you both too! Start thinking about making some Tags (Or in YOUR case Donna, maybe Tags of "Tag" your Corgie!) And Penny, you could do a "China" Tag! Lets work on a holiday swap for us blog friends,,,I'm going to do some samples and ask my friend Marian to do some too!! We've got Time,,,,,,But how FUN would it be to do up Tags for your blogger friends????

  4. Love what your doing with the pumpkins Shell. White & lace yum yum, classy Halloween instead of scary!
    hugs lynn


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