Friday, August 3, 2012

Ahhhhhhhh August- Friday Junk Finds!

With the Warmer weather here FINALLY in Washington, The Garage sales are in Full swing! I need more Cra*,,,,,,err stuff, like a whole in the head, and this morning, I thinkin', okay,,,,,,just a couple stops. Yeah right!!

So here's MOST of my Friday finds,,,,(Nothing I bought today cost more than 5 Bucks!)

Here's part of my "Haul" today!........

Fun old Suitcase, jewelry box that this photo doesn't do justice and and old tin.....

Fun Vintage Hat and Necklace......Earrings to match too!

The pastel pair match the necklace above,,,,,and I LOVED the Fushia ones,,,they were kinda spendy! $5 Bucks!

Fun Knitting book,,,,Circa 1966, it was a Quarter.......

Dont you love the Cover??? And here's an inside Fashion Page,,,,,,,,

Too fun! I may have to send or at least SHARE the patterns with Vicki Boster of "2 Bags Full" Fame,,,,,,,Knitter and Nester Queen!

Little Angels,,,,truthfully? I picked up these from my Friend Linda today that went to Portland Expo....

How cute are THEY for Christmas projects??? Love the colors!!

Found this "Marie" cup and saucer, English China w// 22k gold. Not really my colors,,,,okay not at all, so If you like it, Pay the 2 Bucks I spent on it and Shipping and it's yours!!

Ballerinas in the original package, english tea tin,,,,,,,

Tiny Vintage bottles,,,,,,each one unique. "Never judge a garage sale by it's cover, you never know what you're going to find!" 50 each,,,,,,the photo is pretty good, but these are awesome!

Old Western Buckles,,,,,,

Little Vintage Gift Wrap "How to",,,,,,Free

Electric Teapot (Grandma said it works) a Buck,,,,,,and why I had to have this trophy, I'm not sure,,,,maybe the turquoise crown????

And finally,,,,,,,Shew! I know I bought a lot of Cra*,,,,,,stuff! Some lovely Vintage linens, fabric, embroidery and a darling little baby dress.......

Happy Friday! I hope you had a good week doing whatever you love to do! I'll be workin' in Joyworks this weekend,,,,and if it's 80+ degrees, we'll probably be pricing Christmas!!! Customers always look at us like we have two heads, pricing Christmas in the Summer, but it's gotta get done!!

Stop in and say hi if you're shopping during the 85+ days! And bring me a Non-fat iced latte while you're at it!!You can try on our new cozy sweaters/wool coats and fuzzy scarves! HA (AC in the Clothing room)

Have a great weekend!!
Hugs, Love and an "Cool" Bus on the Cheek!


  1. You always find the most wonderful things!!!

    It's horribly hot here too. Ugh!! Not my cup of tea!

    Love and Pieces!!!

  2. I think I am turning green with envy at your wonderful treasures you found. Love it all! In your hands there will be so much transformation and fabulous creativity. Blissful...

  3. Hi: I will take you up on that tea cup offer, if you still have it. Email me at Thanks, Martha

  4. Torn between love and lust here!!! The fuschia earrings rock!! Love the package of ballerinas- and the suitcase - and the old bottles-- and of course the book!! You keep the book but share some of the images- perfect Facebook material!- they are killer!! I'm thinking that was a great garage sale you went too!!

  5. I woul live the tea cup. If u still have it pls email me at Thx! I can come get it from u. I m a friend of jennifer hayslip. Thx! -Heena

  6. I think one can never have to much Cra*....sorry i mean stuff! And your haul is rather delicious:)


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