Monday, August 27, 2012

Congrats, Thank yous and whaddya think about a TAG Swap??

I picked up the latest copy of Ki's "Flea Market Finds" today. Just out on the shelves.
I LOVE this Magazine and it is one of the FEW I buy these days. There is so MUCH Washington State "goodness" in this magazine, including my new friend Celeste Shaw, whom I met during this years, "Farm Chicks" event in Spokane at her Celebratory dinner for many of us Vendors and Junkers. Her fabulous Eatery "Chaps" just outside of Spokane is a MUST visit....and the pics of her fantabulous HOME in Flea Market finds are amazing!

Also in this issue is a recommendation for SNOHOMISH for Junk and Antique finds!!! That's right you heard it here folks...And the recommendation? From one of my "Bestest's," Deb Bock of Garden Party fame.

(Deb and I here, junkin a couple of weeks ago

I called Deb and told her she was quoted in the Magazine and she said, "That's Great!" And when I told her WHO was mentioned she added ,,,,,,"I mentioned Joyworks Too!" Well, We weren't mentioned. Edited out, BUT those of you that KNOW Joyworks, and follow our blog know who and WHAT we are all about! We might not be "Junk/Antique worthy" But we're STILL the best shop in town for all you other shopping! Deb's review mentioned "Annies on First, Faded Elegance, Snohomish Bakery and Ruffles and Rust Square." are blessed to have a lot of great shops, eateries and eclectic Vendors!

Ki also Mentioned, "Carol Hicks Bolton's" Marvelous Shop in Texas and my dear friend Anne Lory's-Whom I have come to know and Love in so many ways in recent years! (YGG!)
Pick up your OWN copy of Flea Market Finds latest issue Soon!!!

And then? Today? I got a package from my dear Blog friend Debra Oliver of Common Ground. I think Most of you know Debra in one blog respect or another!!! She sent me a gorgeous "Thank YOU" gift!

Love this, put it on after I got it,,,,,and she also sent me this wonderful Tag,,,,which got me to Thinking!!!! Let's make some TAGS!!!And ,Share/Swap'!

Gorgeous tag from Debra.........

I want to do a "Tag Swap" with Blog friends for the Holidays! How FUN would THAT be? I've got ATC and cards from many talented friends, but I'd LOvE to have a BUNCH of altered Tags from friends!! Let me know what you think, let's see what we can plan with all of our Blog Friends!!

Happy Monday!! Hugs, love and "Tag You" in a Bus! Lets do this, whaddya think?

Happy Monday! Hope your week is starting off right!


  1. Hey Shelly! glad you recieved the package so quickly! wow! now I cannot take credit for that wonderful tag. It's made by my sweet friend, Sherri Mitchell. She has a web store that's amazing! I'm so happy that you love the necklace, wear it with love, hugs, and blessings!!

  2. Hi Shelley! I'd love to swap again. Count me in your tag swap.


  3. Hi Shelly I am new here I just love, love your blog...I think a tag swap would be fun it would be my first go at making one!


  4. I would also like to join the tag swap! It's fun to swap and make new friends. Looking forward to hearing all the details!

  5. Okay Girls,,,,,,,,,I'll work on the Details and let you know!!!i think it would be FUN and we don't have to spend a lot of money!! Just make something that WE love!!! Details soon!!

  6. Count me in girly. Wonderful gifts from Deb!


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