Friday, August 24, 2012

Busy week!! (And quick Mary Update)

I've been Hopping! Hope to get back to creating and blogging more next week! Busy time of year for a lot of us!

IF you have any insight/knowledge on drying all these hops, let me know!! Have a great weekend!

(I had a long chat the other nite with my dear Sister in Law, Mary and she is doing Well! No treatments for now, and she'll go back to get Checked again for Cancers in October. Holding my Breath!)

Hugs,Love and a "Hoppin, Grateful" Bus to you all!


  1. Hi.......I just pick the hops in a long strand and make a wreath or a swag while
    they are still fresh. That way they dry to the shape you work them into. They can be "itchy". Have fun, I love the smell....

    1. Sounds Good Gayle! Lord knows I have enough to try several techniques! Thank you!!

  2. Glad she's doing better... Ciao,
    Happy weekend.

  3. It's been a busy summer and the end of the year is looking busy too! I need off this merry-go-round! Ack!

    PIECES my friend!

  4. Hello LuLu, I was just out looking to see who my followers were following and there you were. I love all of your wonderful creations . . . party hats, cake toppers, crowns, necklaces . . . why am I listing these gorgeous items, you know your own art.
    You can tell by my photo that I especially enjoyed your Cowgirl Up post. You hit a cowgirl gold mine. I have no choice but to follow your enchanting blog. If I don't I'll be missing so much.
    I do hope that you will pay me a visit.
    No pressure, but I would me honored if you choose to follow me back. I would hope that I have some inspiring ideas to share, because I know that I will be reaping treasures from your sensational talents.
    Have a wonderful week, Connie :)

  5. Shell-- I'm no help with the greenery-- but I bet they dry beautifully! Thanks for the updates on your sweet Mary-- there is my h to be thankful for. We are all wishing her the very best--


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