Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wren day, or "Ren" Day, Luanne's Birthday Celebration extrodinaire!!!

( Luanne, sporting her Wren, aka Ren birthday hat.) She's a trooper because I KNEW/know that my bling was way over the top for her! Luanne doesn't really "roll that way"-She's a gardener, animal lover, and Country girl,,,,,, But, Also, a good sport!

Today at Joyworks we celebrated  the Birthday of our dear Luanne Ren. As an animal lover and gardener, we-my cohorts at Joyworks decided on a "Wren" or Garden theme.. Now,,,if you are new to my blog let me tell you that we have fantastic celebrations with coworkers for Birthdays (And, of course our annual Christmas Gathering is magazine worthy, truly!) I think I work with some of the most creative and artistic women on the planet! We all have our strengths,,,,and weakness and I think, we balance each other out well!
I feel truly blessed to work with such a group of women! If inclined, visit Jana's Joywork Archives to see what's taken place at http://joyworks-shopgirl.blogspot.com/ But here is an overview of today's events! and a taste of prior events,

We often have themed events as a "Joyworks" group of women,,,,,,trust me, we have had some awesome events! Like,,a Bowling party where we headed to a bowling alley all dressed like the 50's,,, or a Barbie Party where everyone of us was dressed like a different Barbie.(Jana was an awesome Paris Barbie!).

 We've had Cat themed parties, red shoe parties, and one year, for me, a  "tacky"Bunnie party-because I Love collecting garden rabbit statuary and vintage bunnies, but mine are rather dignified and vintage looking, if not actually vintage.  BUT! The Joyworks girls one year,  all rewarded me with over the top "cutsie" thrift store finds, calico, stick your finger down your throat and gag,,,,,,,Bunnies! Well, anyway, you get my general drift!

At least I didnt get the "Cat Crap" birthday dessert Jill got one year,,,,,,that resembled kitty litter! I am SO sorry I missed that one! Not! But I digress.............

 God forbid you express your interest in a certain type of item or collection, because you MAY get NAILED with them on your birthday,,,,,the cute, the tacky and junky, the wonderful and divine. ( I received a WONDERFUL white  terra cotta rabbit from Clarice the year I got all the "weird and tacky" bunny  stuff from all of my co-workers or should I say, Clarice's co-conspirators! And I cherish it, for SO many reasons!
(and, I have a suitcase full of all my "tacky bunny stuff" because the memory of the event is just too FUN and Dear to part with!)

That said, today we did a "Ren" aka "Wren" party for Luanne today!  I had made her a Wren birthday hat of sorts,,,,Nests on the cupcakes and a darling picture from Jana.
Clarice provided us all with a WONDERFUL lunch, once again!  Delicious! Thanks again Clarice, for ALL that you always do for all of us!

And Jill, the Baker extrodinaire,  made awesome coconut cupcakes (per Luanne's choice from Martha's cupcake cookbook) and  llook at the darling nests! They were to die for! (Lulu, I wish you could have been there,,,,and I thought of you while eating mine,,,does that help?) Thanks Jill, once again!!!

Wonderful gifts from all for Luanne,,,,,potted flowers (Kay's front and center were gorgeous and so "Luanne", a wonderful hand crafted project from Sandi that my camera didn't catch well, that was so creative and darling! And the darling rabbit from Penny, purchased at Common Ground ( I wanted to snitch that! so G-Darn cute!) Hope you enjoyed your special day Luanne!

Oh, what a Fun afternoon! Our beloved former co-worker Cass stopped by shortly before the party began with her Goldendoodle pup. Big hit with Luanne and I both,  as dog lovers extrodinaire!  What a whoot! I should have taken pics! I could have gobbled them both up! I miss Cass and her puppy is so darn cute!!! I'd adopt either! : )

Great afternoon! Great luncheon and the best co-workers ever!

Jana did a fun painting of a Wren for Luanne, complete with her last name "Ren." Really cute Jana, and I'm sure a keepsake!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing a BIG  and special corner of my life with my dear co-workers!

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  1. Wow what a wonderful party! Ren is very lucky to have friends like ya'll. Wish I could have joined in.


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