Thursday, February 18, 2010

Packages to be sent and the postal Nazi

I think all of us have had experiences with public employees that got our dander or temper rising. Thinking, "This employees salary is paid by ME and tax payers of this community,,,and how, or why  does this listless, unprofessional, rude,lude individual maintain their job,,,,,,AT MY EXPENSE!

Last time I waited at the DMV,,,,the Department of Motor Vehicles, to get my license renewed I swore,,,,,this must be what purgatory is like. Stuck in limbo- somewhere between heaven and hell and the same relentless chatter and waiting, over and over and over again. And it got me to thinking about some of OUR public service workers.

Fed/County and for the most part, City workers-make a good living. They get great bennies, holidays off and for the most part have secure jobs, so why in the HE- double hockey sticks do some of them treat us so badly or have that "Better than thou attitude?" We pay their salaries! Ackkkkk!

That said, I only have to deal with license renewals ever 4 years, and I've actually teased some DMV photographers who've taken my (horrid) pictures by remarking,,,,,,"OH, I bet you used to work for Yen Lui"- which has been the leading photographer in Seattle and outlying areas for years." You get a smile...and  a grunt, indicating they "get" your humour, even though your photo looks like you robbed the local 7-11 last week.

Hey, I've got family currently working for the State, My brother also worked at the Legislative level writing laws and my Sis in law worked for Dept of Health and Social Services for years. And my mother worked in County administration and of course I have a son that was in the Military (Fed) government.

I've also got to say before I'm totally unleashed that in my small community, we still have mail carriers that deliver our mail on foot-door to door. They are a joy for the most part to talk to and a couple of them have become if not friends, than at least good acquaintences.

That said,,,I break out in a cold sweat and a silent rage when I have to go to the local post office to send anything or have other postal duties. We,,,,,here in my small community, have whom I consider "the Postal Nazi." And, I rarely, if ever deal with the other postal employees in residence,,,,,,I always seeem to get the demon or the darkside of postal hell,

I'll grant you, he is articulate and professional, with NO curtesies aside. "Where are you shipping, how are you paying, did you need stamps, this will arrive in x days and tada! Your done! No,,,,,Hi, now how are you, no nice day, this is great, love my job, like my community, your a person, thank you........

When my son was in the Marines and stationed (for two tours) in Iraq, I'd tearfully stand in line to have his packages shipped,,,,,not knowing if he'd get them,,,if he'd be healthy when he got them and standing in line looking at local soldiers proud and distinguished in their glass case whether serving currently or lost Veterans of the War in the middle east,,,,,,and Then I'd have to deal with this postal drone that made no comments about my package, my son's service or even making EYE contact to acknowledge said recipient,,,well He ticked me off.

He works for US-me and you,,,he's a postal employee. And to me a blight on the wonderful other postal workers that work in my community.

So today,,,I avoided the "Postal Nazi" and drove slightly out of town to be serviced by some dear friends at Post Net. They're the best! They know my name....they tape/rebox/label and smile! They choose the best shipping method,,,,,,and I can even buy cards there, or truffles, or get something notorized. I can grab a sweet- a piece of candy or more often not, a fresh baked cookie!!!

Pergatory is the dept of the DMV.....and although I don't want to judge, I think there is a special Hell for postal workers with no heart and a "better than thow" attitude. Hopefully I'll never have to see either!

Thanks Post Net,,,,,,and Lulu and Beth,,,,,your packages are OFF! Hope you enjoy!


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