Thursday, February 25, 2010

Last glimpse of Cherubs and Angels.... Easter Parade in the Works!

I always have Cherubs and Angels up during the Chirstmas season, along, of course with all the other things. Then, when I take Christmas down, I pick through my ornaments and save those that are still appropriate for the New Year and Valentine's day.

My header is the last glimpse of my mantel with just, truly a FEW of the angels and cherubs I have. Soon to be replaced by my other major addiction,,,,,Rabbits, Hares, and Easter goodies.

I have started to work on our local Chamber of Commerce Easter Extravaganza! Complete with the State's only Easter Parade, Egg Hunt and Bonnet Contest. This year as co-chair, I'm incorporating an event with our community Senior Center and local kids.

 One week prior to the Parade (held on April 3rd)
We will have a Bonnet MAKING session, March 27th from 10:00am -Noon.  (Seniors, helpers and Kids). So, although I'll hit up  folks from our community if you have disheveled hats (of any sorts) ribbons/silk flowers or Easter related items that you would like to donate to the event,,,,,contact me! I'll pick up the shipping expense if you feel you have anything to donate to a great event! IF you donate, I'll even make sure you get a mention in the local paper!
(I know the Editor well!)

That said, thanks for anything you wish to contribute for the kids and Seniors.......this post is for "blogland" AND members of my community. If you are local, you can just drop any items by Joyworks!

Thanks, for any support!!

PS,,,,,,If you are local, and want to Enter the Bonnet Contest, the prizes are amazing for those of ALL ages!



  1. Eeeeeeeek!! My box arrived yesterday! Thank god you packed it perfectly because you should have seen what FedEx did to that box! I posted a picture of that box on my Blog!! I ripped their customer service a new one yesterday! *giggle*

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything in my box. The crown was beyond gorgeous and all the little bits and bits for playing with were wonderful. Yes, I found the chocolate in the little box immediately and ate it.

    Love you more than my luggage!

  2. OMG verification word to type in on my previous post was bastyrd......LOL!

    Blogger has potty mouth!

    xoxo, L

  3. Hi Shell! THANK YOU for your kind comment AND for letting me know of the typo - I so appreciate it! I just upgraded to the new blogger updates and it does not have spell check! I was looking at everything for fear I would do exactly what I did! Thank you for your help (and good luck with you exciting Easter plans)! Kristin xo

  4. So happy u found me so I could find you! lol
    Love your site and looking forward to being a follower.
    thanks for joining me

  5. Shell if you got an email from Linda I am sure you are in the swap... I know she must be overwhelmed by the numbers this time. I don't think it has ever been over 50. Yes I promote the community. One it gets people out to see small businesses, our hidden treasures! March 19 & 20 three of us have gotten a small group of artists together to have the Mixed-Media Market you may have seen on my blog! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Oh how fun!! I wish my town was that cool! You should stop by and sign up for me new swap. It would be fun to have you! Thanks for stopping by my blog. It is always fun to visit new places!

  7. Hi Shelly, thanks for visiting.I think you probably found me thru joyworks site? Glad you enjoyed the visit. come again, hugs JoAnn S


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