Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ironic Symbolism,,,,Or how I knew the day just wasn't going well...

I "Had a Day."

Now, first of all, for those of you that know me at all, I'm a "the glass is half full" kind of a gal. An optimist, a polyanna, a cheerleader (okay I didn't make the squad, but still) anyway,,,,,,you get my drift.

So, I'm heading to Joyworks(the darling shop that I work in on weekends and if you haven't visited the blog Jana does for the store yet, you should because the store is darling ,,but what I have to say is really important so wait until I'm done if you know whats good for you!) today to pick up a few little "ditties" to send to my friend Lulu in Maryland and a "surprise" to put in my little OWOH giveaway for Beth Holcombe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

And as any of you that follow the weather as of late may know, spring is truly coming early in Washington State! (Sorry, Beth, Lulu, et. al.) So,,,,,the birdies are in their glory-courting and nest building and stretching their vocal cords. And, apparently some (?) one (?) of them decided to make a HUGE deposit of droppings on my car windshield. Lovely!!

So as I pulled out to head to Joyworks and run some other errands,  I thought to myself, self, I said, " I hope this isn't indicative of how my day is going to go".  Never listen to self- it is rarely pretty!

Well, the Joyworks stop went well, I find a few surprises to tuck in both boxes and a box to boot to ship Lulu's goodies (which are later than the cookbook I checked out at the local library  in Junior High and never returned,,,,but I wasn't FRIENDS with the librarian).  The few little morsels that I purchased there, I paid for in cash. Next stop, our wonderful family owned hardware to pick up a few things for a birthday project I'm working on . And low and behold, my debit card didnt go through..try again,,,,nadda. In a bit of panic,,,,okay a lot because I KNEW how much I had (or relatively so) in that account and flew to my banker.

Apparently, yesterday "I paid $20 bucks to a gymnastic studio on the East Coast"-Only I didn't. I mean come ON~I'm 50something,,,okay 49 and holding so apparently the bank caught it. Only WAIT,,,,,what if I DID want to fly to the East Coast and take gymnastics?  And how come my banker was snickering when she reviewed the purchase? Okay, okay, I know what you are thinking! But I COULD if I wanted to! Only I didn't.

So now,,oh JOY! My card is cancelled and being reissued,,,,and that means no online purchases. No Etsy, No online shopping for 7-10 days!!! And it means that I have to contact folks like my local Utility companies and insurance companies that "do" automatic payments from my account!

And,,,,until I get my card, I have to OMG,,,,write checks or PAY CASH! I don't know about all of you,  but my checkbook is pretty dog-eared these days!

Well, on the bright side, it was sunny and gorgeous and I took my little car through the carwash. Sparing no expense (cash, of course!) and removed the birdie "Do-do" if nothing more that a symbolic gesture that "Do-Do" DOES Happen, and that life goes on!

Stay tuned to tomorrow's antic's about the Postal I didn't get my packages sent today and THAT will be a new adventure,,,,,trust me! And I always, always, always end up in the Postal Nazi's line!

Hugs to all,


  1. Well as one Pollyanna to another - your day wasn't so awful. I have bird poop on the front of my truck hood that has been riding around for awhile because if I go through the carwash it might just become frozen bird poop if water hits it LOL No online shopping for a week COULD be a good thing, right? OH NO WHAT AM I THINKING??? No Shopping for a week??? At least you can't buy any socks for your dogs to eat? Trying to think of Pollyanna statements here LOL Oh and sometime remind me to tell you the story of what a friend's Golden ate and subsequently lost in front of a batch of company. Hope you have fun with the Postal Nazi today!

  2. Oh nooo! So sorry to hear about your debit card! You handled it with much more grace than I did when it happened to me!!! I hope they'll give you a new one sooner than later- or you might go thru online shopping withdrawal! :)


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